How Do You Open A Breakaway Cat Collar?

The design of the breakaway collar is for the extra safety for your cats.

Sometimes it becomes too complicated to use.

The collar has a special clasp that breaks open when you apply enough pressure on it.

It acts as a prevention for suffocation.


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What do you need to know before using one?

Your cats are natural hunters. They act on instinct.

They like sneaking outside and doing things you don’t know.

It cannot be avoided for their collars to get stuck on something.

In those moments, a breakaway collar can help prevent the risk of suffocation.

It is designed for the clasp to break open at the weight of the cat.

Cats should be able to open the collar on their own. They can pull at it or use their claws.

Make sure that your cats are capable of freeing themselves without your supervision.

You may adjust the weight and pressure by reading the manual.

You may continue to test it with your cat until you get the right pressure.


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Is adjusting the pressure important?

You can test the pressure by pulling the collar and observe how much effort it took.

If you think your cat can exert the same effort, then the pressure is okay.

Finding the right pressure can be challenging.

If it’s too easy, your cat might remove it every time you put it on.

If it’s too hard to open, your cat might get stuck somewhere.


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How do I choose to buy the right collar?

There are many choices in the market.

You need to find a quality brand and at the right price.

Avoid collars that are made poorly. It’s a waste of your money, and it will get lost as easily.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on it since your cat may leave it behind.

The important factor you need to consider is finding the right fit.

If you can still put one finger in between the collar, and your cat, that is the right size.

Why are collars a form of safety measure?

Collars are a way for you to find your pet when they are lost.


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It’s a way for them to be identified as yours.

The disadvantage with breakaway collars is it can easily get lost along with your information in it.

Microchipping may come in handy. Most pet owners opt for it.

You can track your cats easier than before. Cats are born to be unpredictable and curious.

They will eventually go outside. These can’t be avoided at times.

What do you need to remember?

Choosing your pet’s collar seems easy enough, but it may take you some time if you consider safety.

Before using a breakaway collar, you need to read the manual and learn the proper way.

Finding the right size can make a lot of difference.


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Too tight may lead to skin problems like redness and irritation.

Too loose defeats the purpose of the collar.

The only thing you need to do is to make sure that you know what you are using in your cat.

Reading may seem easy, but it can be very helpful.

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