How Do You Interpret Your Cavy’s Primary Body Language?

Your guinea pig’s body language can be a window to its emotions.

So, you should know the right ways to read your pet.

It will assist you in understanding your piggy better.


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Here, we discuss the primary body languages your cavy can display.

Want to be the next Dolittle? Read on!

What are the essential things to note?

Being able to read into your piggy’s mental state takes time and experience. It may be difficult at first.

However, with some practice, you’ll be able to spot changes in your pet’s behavior.


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Also, you’ll be able to interpret these changes and attend to your cavy’s needs.

What does biting, chewing, and licking mean coming from your cavy?

Guinea pigs have strong jaws but are not known for biting too hard.

Your pet can bite you if it’s upset.

However, it’s most likely just grabbing on your finger to show its displeasure.

Chewing can happen randomly with guinea pigs.


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Cavies can also chew on items unrelated to food to show their frustration.

Another similar case is cage munching. However, this can also happen randomly.

Pigs have a thing for the salt on your skin.

Take this into consideration whenever your pet tries to lick you.

People also interpret licking as a way of displaying love and affection.

It can be your cavy’s way of apologizing for bad behavior too.

What does it mean when your piggy sniffs or freezes?

Sniffing is your guinea pig’s way of surveying its environment.

It includes taking into account the humans and animals present around it.


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Freezing, on the other hand, is a sign of fear.

It expresses shock and uncertainty from your pet.

Your cavy freezing also shows that it is startled.

What does it mean when your piggy tosses its head in the air?

If your piggy does this, it merely means that it is annoying.

Your cavity responds this way to actions it would instead not participate in and things it finds annoying and would want to avoid.

For example, if you were petting your cavy when it’s in the wrong mood.

What’s the idea behind two cavies touching noses?

Your cavy greets its friends by touching their noses with its nose.

It’s a sign of friendliness amongst guinea pigs.

What does it mean when your piggy hops around?

It means that your furry friend is happy and wants to play!

It can happen around both humans and animals.

What’s the idea behind cavies strutting then fighting?

Cavies display anger when they strut.

It happens when your pet moves from side to side with tense legs.

However, if it occurs with a female cavy in the area, it is a mating sign.

Fighting can occur between sexes and amongst opposite sexes.

However, it occurs mostly between males, usually because of a female.


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Females mainly fight for territorial purposes.

These are the primary body languages your cavy can display.

However, know your pet first before trying to interpret these signs. It is essential.

Should guinea pig owners be able to interpret signs from their pets?

Is reading body language a lost art?

We would like to know your thoughts!

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