How Can Therapeutic Diets Help Cats And Dogs?

Targeted food formula plays a prominent role in the therapeutic diet for your cats and dogs.

Including this type of food formula in your pet’s nourishment can prevent diseases or oncoming illnesses.

Feeding it together with your pet’s medications does not produce a side effect.

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A therapeutic diet

is commonly known as a specialized diet.

A veterinarian is the only person capable of prescribing this.

You cannot find it in any shop or supermarket near you.

But, should you come across therapeutic food in a local market, please opt not to purchase it.

The label claims it to be, but in reality, it does not.

My cat had surgery last year, and he had a prescribed special diet after the procedure.

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It worked its wonders because he did not become sick.

These special diets are particularly formulated to help your pets’ digestion and relieve their kidneys from overexertion.

It has helped pets control their symptoms from their underlying diseases.

The aim of this diet is for pets to recover as it did my cat.

It can help stop the disease from progressing, and it can prevent the onset of hereditary diseases.

Who is the founder of therapeutic diets for animals?

In 1940, the veterinarian Mark Morris first introduced specialized diets.

The reason for this invention is to provide a diet plan for suffering animals.

Some of the most common illnesses that animals suffer from are allergies, weight gain, heart disease, kidney failure, diabetes, and cancers of all types.

It was first named Prescription Diet KD, and KD stands for kidney disease.

He began formulating various types of diet to suit each specific pets’ illnesses, and it led to the discovery of Hills Pet Nutrition.

You can still find it at your local vets today.

How does a therapeutic diet help your pet?

It targets the metabolic processes.

Its effect depends on what type of prescription formula was given to your pet.

The most common are, helping with digestion, regulates blood pressure or sugar levels.

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Whatever is needed to be targeted by the specific diet.

Veterinarians prescribe a specialized diet based on the type of illness your pet has.

That’s why it is important not to replicate it with a supermarket formula.

It does not help your pet. It’s because therapeutic diets have different nutritional makeup compared to supermarket food.

The same concept applies; a healthy pet fed by a therapeutic diet can harm their health in the long run because these diets have restrictions.

What is the difference between a therapeutic diet and a non-therapeutic diet?

A cat suffering from heart disease is most likely to be prescribed a low sodium diet than a healthy cat.

Under these circumstances, a healthy cat should not have the same low sodium diet as the sick cat.

It would lead to serious health problems in the long run.

A veterinarian would only prescribe your pet the therapeutic diet after extensive tests and numerous evaluations.

If your vet concluded that your pet requires a specialized diet, listen to him.

These diets can be expensive since they are composed of special ingredients.

But rest assured, your pet will have life and health improvement if you religiously follow your vet.

Your pet needs to stay on this diet only for the prescribed length of time.

It could cause a negative impact if you let your pet stay longer than needed.

How to monitor your pet’s therapeutic diet?

Regular visits to your vet are required when this diet is prescribed to your pet.

These can help your vet monitor any health changes and whether to tweak the diet regimen.

Monitoring your pet’s health can induce healing recovery faster.

Observe how your pet reacts to the diet he has.

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If you feel there is something wrong and he is looking and feeling worse.

Do not hesitate to take your pet to the vet immediately.

You should begin to see improvements real quick if your pet was given the diet that suits his needs.

What is the final verdict?

Therapeutic diets are beneficial, but there would be consequences if done improperly.

Visiting your vet is a must.

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Close monitoring can impact your pet’s recovery too.

Always consider your pet’s well being above all else.

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