How Can I Make A Bed For My Rabbit To Sleep In?

Need a bed for your furry little friend?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Rabbits are sensitive animals with really soft fur and delicate skin.


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Any material that is too harsh on its skin can cause loss of fur or even rashes.

Choosing the bedding for a rabbit can be a little bit tricky. And as pet owners, we want to give our companions the best of experiences.

Moreover, sometimes these hoppers can reject the material you’re providing them with.

It’s merely a matter of taste!

Imitating the natural setting of a rabbits habitat can be difficult in a household environment.

And figuring out which material your rabbit prefers is subject to trial and error.


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Where do rabbits prefer sleeping?

Rabbits are timid little herbivores in the wild. They are prey animals and are hunted by larger animals.

To get a good night’s rest, they need to feel safe and comfortable with their sleeping spot.

So they usually burrow underground in a nice warm hole and hide away from their predators.

Your thinking: how do I make my rabbits bed then?

Well, you have a couple of options:


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Custom beds for rabbits

Search different pet stores for beds with fabric in them.

Ready-made beds that come with changeable and washable covers are easy to clean.

These beds come in different colors, sizes, and shapes and can make for a nice cozy bed for your bunny.

Home-made beds for rabbits

There’s an inexpensive alternative for a posh bed that you can make yourself.

If you have any rugs, cotton/fleece towels, and blankets lying around, make use of them.

Place the towel and blanket on a tray and let your bunny dig itself a comfy little bed.


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Basket beds for rabbits

Baskets make great beds for rabbits.

They are comfortable to move and clean and makes the coziest bed.

Place cotton towels and blankets inside the basket. You can also put in stuffed toys for warmth.

Look for untreated baskets in pet stores.

Grass mats for rabbits

Grass mats are edible beds for rabbits.

They can be a little bit expensive, but most rabbits would accept a grass mat.

You can locate the grass mat on top of a wooden bed.

Now the wooden bed can be custom made or bought from a store- Ikea is the right place to start.


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My rabbit wants to sleep in my bed!

Consider yourself lucky!

Rabbits are shy creatures, and they usually prefer seclusion during nap time.

If your rabbit wants to sleep with you, it means it feels comfortable and safe with you.

It can’t get any better than that.

So there you have it! 4 easy ways to make the most comfortable bedding for your tiny little fur-ball.

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