Honey? For Your Hamster?

Honey is a sweet substance produced by bees.

You may have thought about feeding it to your pet.

You’re in luck, as we’re just about to dig into the nitty-gritty of feeding honey to hamsters.


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Would it be a great choice? Let’s find out!

What are the essential things to know?

Honey is formed by bees using the nectar found in flowers.

Other insects may make different variants the same way, but “honey” is only particular to bees.

Humans have searched and gathered it for no less than 8000 years.

However, wild hamsters were not familiar with this substance and could not taste it.


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What are the contents of honey?

People worry about the possible side-effects of eating honey because it has a sweet taste.

Honey contains lots of sugar; however, the sugar content does not directly harm your pet.

Instead, it makes your hamster more likely to develop diabetes and experience some other symptoms.

A tablespoon of honey is about 15ml and contains 64 calories.

So, in 100g, there is 1272kj present. It has a high energy content, but your pet does not gain significant nutritional benefits from it.

Vitamin B2, B3, and B9 in honey are great for your hamster. However, they are found in honey only in small amounts.

Other elements found in honey include calcium, sodium, and phosphorus.

These are bad for your hamster but are present only in small quantities.


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So, that makes them less of a threat and nothing to worry about.

If you’re going to feed your hammy with some honey, do it in little quantities.

That way, less sugar is being fed, and it is safer for your pet.

Honey does not satisfy your pet’s nutritional requirements. So, give it to your furry friend mostly when it needs an energy boost.

Do not feed it any more than that because excess sugar causes lots of problems.


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What are those problems?

Weight gain as a result of excess sugar is one.

The texture of this substance also presents another problem.

It is thick, sticky, and easy to make a mess of.

Your furry friend can also have difficulties swallowing it.

Prevent honey from being stuck in your hamster’s throat by diluting it in milk or water before giving it to your pet.

Hamsters have sensitive tummies, and honey can give them a tummy ache.

It can cause your hammy to vomit or be diarrheic, and it also has a terrible effect on your hamster’s teeth.


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Fruits like apples and bananas are safer for your furry buddy.

They are sweet, healthy, and useful as treats or snacks.

These fruits are also recommended for your hamster because they are not harmful.

They also meet your pet’s nutritional needs.

Honey is not toxic to your hamster. However, it contains lots of sugar, which is terrible for your pet.

Feed your furry buddy healthier options as treats.

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