Hay For Hamsters? Selecting The Ideal Food For Your Pet

Hamsters can consume diverse foods.

These include fruits, vegetables, and occasional treats.

Have you ever thought of giving your hamster some hay?


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Cavies and rabbits eat them.

However, are they safe? Keep reading to know!

What are the essential things to note?

An ideal hamster diet is made up of quality pellets and treats as supplements.

These commercial pellets should be tailor-made for your pet.

A tablespoon per day is perfect for your pet.

Do not feed your furry friend with rabbit pellets.


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While these animals are rodents, they don’t share the same nutritional requirements as your pet.

These pellets usually lack some of the required nutrients for hamsters. They also have too many fats in them.

Fruits and veggies can supplement your furry friend’s diet.

You can add hay, pasta, cereals, and meat to your hammy’s food too.

What is Hay?

Dried and cut grass, legumes, or plants is hay. They have various uses.

They are useful as fodder in areas where pasture is absent.

So, hay is vital to animals that are grazed.

They are also appropriate during weathers too risky for grazing.


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Other animals use them for bedding too.

What are the benefits of feeding hay?

Hay has lots of minerals and fibre present in it.

Hamsters love and use this ingredient to grind down their teeth.

It is the main reason why most pet owners feed hay to their pets.

They also keep your hamster active and encourage foraging behaviour.

What are the varieties of hay?

There are many varieties of hay, as it has existed for a long time.

Hay is a significant food source for animals, especially during the winter.

Give either Alfalfa, Timothy, or meadow hay to your furry friend.

They are harmless and are excellent choices for your pet.

Timothy hay has high nutrients and fibre. It helps your hamster with the maintenance of its digestive tract, weight regulation, and teeth cleaning.

Timothy hay contains low levels of calcium, which is not ideal for your pet.

So, this hay’s calcium content makes it the best for your hamster.


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Alfalfa is a good source of proteins, minerals, and vitamins for your hamster.

It also provides your pet with high amounts of energy. Both add up to why this hay is also the right choice.

The Bermuda variety is full of flavour. It also has a great taste, which most animals will appreciate.

Orchardgrass is also similar as it is of good flavour. It is also fibrous.

However, it does not provide your hamster with that much nutrients.

Oats are tough with thick stalks, and we do not recommend them for hamsters.

They are also hardy with high sugar levels.

How often can you feed your hamster with hay?

Give hay to your hamster two or three times weekly.

This amount is enough for them. Serve them in tall ceramic bowls.

It prevents your pet’s bedding from getting into its food and allows easy access.

Hay should be served to your hamster only as treats or snacks.

It can help your furry friend with its teeth problems.

However, your pet does not have a nutritional requirement for them.

Hay isn’t a bad option for your pet because hamsters can eat a wide variety of these fodder.


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The best options include Timothy, Alfalfa, and Meadow Hay.

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