Hamsters: Living without Food and Water

Food and water are the two most important things any living being needs to live and survive.

Some animals can survive without food and water for an extended period as they can store their food in some parts of their bodies, such as their cheeks or bellies.

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Hamsters, for example, have expandable cheeks where they can keep their food.

But unlike camels with large trunks where they can store water for several days, hamsters can only store food for a day or two.

What happens now to hamsters without any food left from their cheeks?

How Many Days Can a Hamster Live without Food and Water?

No one can tell the specific number of days a hamster can survive without food and water.

One should first take into consideration the health and condition of a hamster.

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Generally, a healthy hamster can live without food and water for about three to four days.

A hamster that has not been adequately taken care of since birth can barely survive without eating and drinking for more than two days.

Dehydration can make hamsters sick, or even worse, die. During summer days, they can also experience heatstroke.

To have an idea of how to know if a hamster is dehydrated, lightly pinch the skin around its neck.

Once you let go of the skin, it should go back to its normal position.

If it takes time or does not go back to its normal position, the hamster should be rehydrated immediately.

How to Take Care of Hamsters That Have Been Struggling to Live for Days without Food and Water?

If you find a weak, dehydrated hamster and seems to be suffering from an infection or disease, the first thing to do is to hydrate them.

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Use a dropper for this and put single drops of water at a time in their mouth.

Wait for them to swallow the first drop before giving another drop.

Never push the water inside their throat as this would harm them.

Aside from water, you can buy an electrolyte solution that hydrates and provide energy.

The “Oxbow Critical Care” is known to be a good supplement for weak hamsters.

You can buy this from a special pet store or from a vet’s office, and you just need to mix it with water.

How to Keep Hamsters Healthy?

On average, hamsters can live for around three years, which may vary depending on their care while growing up.

Hamsters require a proper diet and enough water to live healthily.

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As owners, make sure they are being fed with less fat content.

Feed them healthy food like fruits and vegetables, seeds, pellets, and Timothy Hay.

Aside from the food, make sure they are being protected from the extreme cold or hot conditions.

Furthermore, protect them from getting wet as hamsters tend to catch pneumonia that may danger their lives.

Hamsters are cute and tiny creatures.

Without a doubt, it is fun to have one as a pet.

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They can entertain us by just running and playing around in their small cages.

They give us joy and a reason to smile despite our long, busy, and tiring day.

Let’s show our love to them by feeding them the right food and making sure they are well hydrated.

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