Giving Your Pet Strawberries: A Hamster Lover’s Guide

Hamsters love to eat fruits and vegetables.

These complement main diets and are essential for a healthy life.

Have you ever explored the possibility of feeding your pet with strawberries?

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Are they the best type of food for your pet?

Here, we talk about the basics. Read on!

What are the key things to note?

Fruits and vegetables are essential foods in a hamster’s life.

When given in the right quantities, they can also keep your pet healthy.

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Fruits are crucial, and your furry buddy loves to eat them.

However, you should only offer them in little amounts.

This way, they’ll serve as treats that supplement your hamster’s primary diet.

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You can feed your furry buddy fruits like pears, apples, and strawberries.

However, you should only feed these fruits to your hammy a few times a week.

Chop them into small sizes before giving them to your pet. They will digest it better this way.

So, small-sized strawberries are a near-perfect size for your pet.

Avoid feeding your furry friend fruits like lemon and oranges.

They have high levels of citric acid, which are poisonous to hamsters.

Are there nutrients in these berries that have beneficial effects?

Strawberries are a great source of minerals and vitamins. They are nutritious and also contain antioxidants.

Overall, these nutrients function in improving your furry friend’s health.

Vitamin C plays a lot of roles in the body system.

It builds up the immune system so that it is strong enough to fight infections.

It also prevents harmful substances from entering the body.

This vitamin is vital in getting the white blood cells to function.

They also make sure that blood cells work as they should. Strawberries can keep body systems active and disease-free.

Antioxidants like phenolic phytochemicals, ellagic acids, and flavonoids are also present in these berries.

These substances prevent eye-related defects and have properties that protect the eyes.

Deficiency in nutrients usually leads to vision defects. Other optical problems include eye nerve and macular degenerations.

The dryness of the eyes can also occur. Eating this fruit at least once a week can go a long way.

Your pet’s eyes will become much improved.

Strawberries can also improve brain function and reduce degeneration.

Phytochemicals and vitamin C can help prevent memory loss. They can help restricted limbs and muscles move again.

These problems are usually a result of age and lack of required nutrients.

Malnutrition causes degeneration of brain cells and weakening of its nerves.

Eating strawberries would help prevent these. This fruit is also useful in boosting cognition and blood flow in the brain.

What are the cons of feeding Strawberries?

Strawberries are an excellent treat for your furry friend.

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However, exercise caution while feeding hamsters with these berries.

Recent discoveries have shown a high level of residual pesticides.

Such standards are strong enough to kill your pet.

To prevent this, buy farmers market strawberries. Do not get the packed ones.

Also, wash strawberries thoroughly before feeding them to your pet.

These fruits also contain high levels of beta-blockers.

To your furry friend, these chemicals are dangerous.

So, feed only chemical/pesticide-free strawberries.

They are the only types that are ideal for your furry friend.

How do you store extra strawberries?

Hamsters aren’t always in the mood to have some strawberries.

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Depending on your pet’s appetite, you might need to store some.

So, it’ll be easy to pick them up again when your hamster is ready. Here’s what you need to do.

Dry out all kinds of moisture before refrigerating strawberries.

If you soak this fruit in water, it can go bad. Do not let it suck up water!

Separate the fruits first before refrigerating them. Throw out moldy or rotten looking strawberries.

If not, these affected fruits will cause the other berries to spoil.

Plastic airtight containers will cause your strawberries to decay.

This fruit doesn’t do well when stored in airtight conditions.

A better option would be Tupperware, which allows free movement of air.

Strawberries would make an excellent treat for your hamster.

It will keep your pet healthy as it is rich in nutrients. However, feed them to your pet only a couple of times per week.

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