Five Beginner Horse Riding Mistakes To Avoid

Horse riding is an amazing hobby, but many people still do not know how to do it right.

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Beginners particularly tend to make a lot of mistakes.

What are these mistakes?

Let’s learn what not to do whenever you decide to try horseback riding!

Can I wear baggy clothes when riding a horse?

Baggy clothes and horseback riding do not go together.

Avoid bulky loose pants and baggy shirts.

You should avoid any other loose pieces of clothing for that matter.

They can get tangled, especially since there is the saddle.

Just imagine your clothes tied to your saddle – it would be such a disaster!

You can end up being dragged around by a scared horse.

Always choose comfortable tops and bottoms instead.

You can even wear layers, but they should be thin.

What is appropriate footwear for riding a horse?

Sandals, flip-flops, trainers, or other bulky footwear are a terrible idea.

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You need something stable, like boots. The reason is the same as with clothes.

You can fall off your horse and get your foot jammed in the stirrup.

This is undesirable. But if you go for boots, you will not make a mistake!

Strong boots would be suitable, but nothing too ‘grippy.’

It is also a good idea to have a small heel.

If you wear shoes with a small heel, there will be less risk of your foot slipping through the stirrup.

Should I tie myself to the horse not to fall?

Tying yourself to your horse or to the saddle to prevent a fall will only make matters worse.

If you worry too much, you will make a mistake.

If you do it, you can end up with more severe injuries.

There are ways to improve the stability in the saddle.

You can even do exercises for horse riders.

The internet is full of suggestions.

How do I hold the reins when riding a horse?

Beginners sometimes get scared during the ride.

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They throw away the reins and start holding on to the neck of the horse.

This is a big no! Since the reins control the movement of your horse, you need to control them always.

Did you know that horses can be trained to do anything the rider shows them to?

For example, you can put pressure on one of the reins.

This will make the horse move in the direction you want to go.

Do I move while sitting on my horse or not?

The answer is yes. You do not just sit there.

This is a prevalent mistake.

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People think that they only need to sit and be still.

But the movement is necessary.

Equestrianism takes a lot of practice, balance, skill, and excellent coordination.

You need to be well-prepared.

Riding a horse should be much easier if you follow these tips.

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Even though you are a beginner, you can still have a lot of fun and do it right.

Have a great time on your horse!

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