Feeding Oranges to Horses: A Short Guide

Have you thought about introducing new foods to your horse’s diet?

Do you have oranges on your list? Oranges are tasty, juicy, and nutritious.

Here, we guide you through feeding this fruit to your pet.


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Are oranges the ideal fruit for horses? Keep reading!

What are the essential things to note?

Oranges are from the citrus fruits family.

They contain vitamin C and are an excellent source.

They are highly acidic, and this makes them unsafe for some animals.

Humans use their peels because they provide useful essential oils.


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What is the nutrient content and benefits of oranges?

They contain flavonoids, an antioxidant.

Oranges also contain compounds known to reduce inflammation; these compounds also prevent tumor development.

The oils in orange peels can aid in recovery after exercise. Studies have shown this.

If your pet does a lot of work, these peels would be useful as treats because they can prevent your horse from feeling tired.

The interferon-gamma at fatigue can be reduced with 30grams of these peels daily.

Orange peels also aid in cardiovascular recovery and strengthen your pet’s immune system.

Hesperidin is another substance found in oranges. Research shows that it might improve brain function and circulation.

There have only been a few studies. Still, they indicate that oranges can significantly benefit your pet.

Overall, there is only a handful of research done on the benefits of feeding oranges.

However, these indicate that this fruit can be an excellent option for your horse.

They are recommended as treats or snacks. So, don’t go changing your pet’s entire diet to contain a lot of oranges.

What problems come with feeding oranges to horses?

Consult your vet first before adding new foods to your pet’s diet. It is essential.

A few problems come with giving oranges to ponies. Insulin resistant horses cannot cope with excess sugar.

Your pet may also suffer from metabolic issues that require measured sugar intake.

Oranges would be unsafe for your pet in those scenarios.

Oranges can make your horse’s tummy acidic if fed in excess.

They have lots of acids present in them. It can also affect your pet’s digestive system negatively and cause diarrhea.


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Most fruits have the same effect when fed excessively.

So, give fruits only as snacks or treats, usually in little quantities.

How do you feed your pet with oranges?

Give your horse not more than one or two oranges per week.

Feed them to your pet once in a while if it is in good health.

You can also give them to your horse if it is not on any medication.

However, remember that their acidity can affect your horse’s digestive system.

They are not your pet’s ideal food, so do not feed them in excess.


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Slice an orange in two before giving to your horse.

It is likely to choke if given a whole orange, and serving it this way can prevent that.

You don’t have to remove the peel before offering this fruit to your pet.

You might not need to take out the seeds too. Though they can be dangerous, your pony is not lightweight.

These small quantities will not cause harm.

Feed oranges to your pony only as a treat. They are not harmful in small quantities.


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Your horse can also benefit from its nutritional content. However, never let it overfeed on oranges.

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