Everything To Know About Your Hamster’s Diet

Everything To Know About Your Hamster’s Diet

So you have just brought a cute little pet hamster to your home.

You have got a beautiful cage for it – with a running wheel – to call home.

Now comes the time to feed your buddy, but what sort of food does a hamster eat?


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You are aware that sometimes animals can be sensitive to specific types of food.

So, being a good owner, you certainly do not intend to cause harm to your new friend.

So, what are your options?

What type of meal can you buy for it?

Maybe it is even ok to feed your pet with human food.

Let us find out.


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What Can a Hamster Eat?

Diet of Wild Hamsters

Hamsters that live in the wild eat anything that they find in the vicinity of their nest.

It enables them to survive the tough situations of the wilderness.

It also means that their diet depends on the environment.

So hamsters, by nature, are omnivore animals.

They can eat anything from vegetables and fruits to meat.

Their meal usually consists of grain, grass, some insects, and seeds.

Diet of Domestic Hamsters

Just like there wild cousins, domestic hamsters can also eat pretty much anything.

It makes purchasing food easy for the owner.

You don’t have to look at food products for specific ingredients to fulfil their nutritional needs.


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What Are Some Recommended Food For Hamsters?

Although most pet stores usually sell food mixes for hamsters, they can also eat fruits and vegetables.

However, keep in mind that hamsters love eating fruits and veggies, so they can eat more than they need.

So, keep a check on the quantities. Hamsters especially love to eat carrots.

They, however, contain a high amount of sugar. So, be conservative with the amount of serving.

Considering their tiny bodies, a cube-sized portion of food is enough for a single meal.

Hamsters prefer to eat cucumber, mango, grapes, strawberries, banana, apple, pear, and peach in fruits.

In veggies, they fancy broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, chicory, celery, peas, and spinach.


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You may feed them grains and seeds too.

It is advised to give them some protein-based meals like boiled eggs or worms, once in a week.

I would also recommend buying some hard food for hamsters, as it helps to maintain their teeth strength.

What to Avoid?

It is noteworthy to keep in mind that you should not feed onions or citrus fruits to hamsters.

As these things are high in acidity levels, they can mess up your tiny friend’s stomach.

Chocolate and candies are also bad for them.

It is also necessary to not just feed them one type of food.

Try to add variation in the meal as it will ensure a balanced diet.

How Much Should You Feed Them?

Hamsters have a fast metabolism, and they like to munch on a snack after their nap.

So, be sure to leave some food in the cage.

However, do not keep on filling the bowl as hamsters tend to hide their food and eat later.

So, it can result in overfeeding.

It is enough to feed them one or two tablespoons of food per day.


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Hamsters can eat pretty much anything.

It does not mean that you should not monitor their diet.

It is better to feed them small portions of fruits and vegetables to keep them healthy and active.

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