Do I Need a Cat Collar_

Do I Need a Cat Collar?

Collars and leashes are typically used for dogs when they are taken out for walks.

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Cats are not typically taken out for walks and generally do not pose a threat to anybody.

On that note, are there any reasons at all to consider using a cat collar? Here are some of them:

1. May I See Your I.D. Please?

The most crucial reason pet owners use collars is to provide identification to their pets.

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People usually put phone numbers and addresses on the collars in case their pets get lost.

According to research, only less than 2% of lost cats are brought back home.

Around 40% of lost cats are the ones that are used to living indoors, and most of them do not have any form of identification when found outside.

Keeping your pets indoors does not guarantee them safe at all times, so this should not be an excuse for owners not to get their pets a form of identification.

A better alternative to collars is the use of a microchip.

That way, you won’t have to rely on the goodwill of whoever finds your pet.

But if you have multiple cats that look similar to one another, using different colored leashes can help you distinguish them.

2. Will You Come with Me to Get Some Air?

Some pet owners treat their cats as similar to dogs.

They use collars to put on a leash when they take their cats somewhere.

Collars are probably difficult to tolerate for most cats, so some harnesses are more comfortable to help deal with the same situation.

There are better transportation modes for cats to consider, so there’s almost no reason to put a harness or leash on them in this situation.

3. Are You Sick?

Besides putting phone numbers and addresses, you can also use the collars to note any illnesses or allergies that your cat may suffer from.

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If someone finds your cat, they would know what food and care are right for your pet until you find them.

What are the Types of Collars?

Identification collars are the most popular.

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Some cat owners consider collars with bells only because they are cute.

However, these can increase stress levels in your cats due to the constant tingling in their ears.

Think twice before you buy one.

Flea collars are also standard.

However, they vary in quality and the materials they are made of.

The cheap ones only work on the area where the collar is and its immediate surroundings.

Note that more efficient ways to control pests, such as tablets, might do a much better job.

Collars are common to dogs but can also be used for cats.

No matter your reasons for considering a cat collar, keep in mind that cats are mostly not tolerant of collars, unlike dogs.

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Also, bear in mind that dogs and cats are totally different, so don’t treat one like the other and vice versa.

As pet owners, you should know what is right for your buddies.

Do you need a cat collar? Well, we leave that up to you.

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