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Do Chicken Eat Strawberries? Interesting Facts you Should Know About Chicken

Just by mentioning strawberries, I bet you are salivating.

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You are not to blame though, these fruits are deliciously sweet but…

Do chickens really find strawberries as mouth-watering as we humans do?

It’s a big yes.


Here is a more interesting fact…

Chickens seem to get crazily in love with these fruits that they can’t stop eating upon tasting the first strawberry.

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Chicken love strawberries, especially the fresh ones. You should however feed them with moderation, not as a daily routine.

What More to Know About Chicken?

You probably didn’t know…

Chicken behave like human mothers

There is so much similarity.

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Chicken can talk to their chicks in the eggshell and once born the chicks can recognize their mother’s voice. How about that? Huh!

Something else…

Chickens have a great memory

You are probably wondering how that is possible despite their small head. Well, it’s a fact.

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They can distinguish up to 100 faces. And aren’t memory cards reducing by size each day?

Here are some more interesting facts…

Chickens have full vision

Colour blind for whom? Chicken can distinguish colors. The females probably like pink. Don’t you think?

Chicken can dream

They enjoy dreaming. Not sure if they suffer night-mares, but they definitely don’t enjoy dreaming about Christmas.

Chicken feel pain and distress

They have pain receptors, so they definitely feel pain.

The part about distress is important to note, though.

It’s actually advisable to let chickens roam around freely and not to cage them up for life.

Females get multiple partners

Female chickens have never heard about loyalty. They mate with multiple partners then decide whose babies to hatch.

It’s probably the most handsome that gets the privilege.

Chicken are omnivores

Apart from loving strawberries, chickens eat seeds, fruits, veggies, and small animals like lizards.

Chicken Literary eat Almost Everything, but Here is What is Recommended:

Fruits such as; peaches, cherries, grapes, melons, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and apples.

Bread and grains such as; cooked pasta, sugar-free cereals, cooked brown-bread, grits, and quinoa.

Dairy; chicken cannot digest lactose and yogurt hence should be given in moderation.

Other safe foods include; peeled potatoes, ripe eggplant, broccoli, cabbage, peas, popped popcorn, squash, pumpkin, cooked turnips, bell peppers, corn, asparagus in moderation, and beets.

Now that you know a little more about chicken…

How do you Keep Your Chicken Healthy?

You need to consider a few things like feeding them with a balanced diet.

Avoid feeding your chicken with fattening foods like sugars and fats.

They may become obese, which may result in health issues.

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Avoid feeding your chicken with foods whose safety you are not sure of.

It’s best to make a list of the feeds you know are safe for them. Consult an expert whenever in doubt.

Keeping track of what your chicken is feeding is a step to keeping them safe. But…

Even when the foods and fruits are safe, give everything in moderation.

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