celebrities who love cats

Celebrities Who Love Cats

People love different pets for different reasons.

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The celebrities are not exceptional.

Many times, they flaunt with their pets on social media.

This article tells us which celebrities love cats and the reasons they choose to.

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep emerges among the most appreciated actors. She received the winning award for actors.

Mery recognizes her cat pet called Tabby, as a critic in her acting career for a long time now.

Meryl says she would read the movie scripts to her cat whenever she practiced.

The cat helped her perfect her mistakes as it would stop purring and walk away any time the script lost vibes.

Cameron Diaz

The second celebrity is Cameron Diaz, who features in most romantic movies.

Cameron Diaz has a perfect relationship with her fiancée Justin Timberlake.

She also has a good relationship with her pet cat she calls Little Man.

The little man often accompanies her shopping and misses no photo with its mistress.

Cameron Diaz remains known for the fact that she exposes what most ladies would want to keep a secret.

Bam Margera

Bam Margera got famous for his several appearances in the Jackass show on MTV.

Margera features on television and also skateboards and makes stunts as a profession.

His radio show passionate about pets got its name from his passion for cats.

He loves cats and actually owns one he calls Trouble.

Snoop Dog

Another cat lover goes by the name Snoop Dog.

Snoop Dog falls among the famous and talented rappers globally.

Anybody coming across the name Snoop Dog would expect to meet a person with more of a dog-like character.

We know dogs hate cats, but the musician owns two cats; he named Teena Marie and Rick James.

As his name suggests, Snoop Dog has eleven dogs, but he loves cats.

Paul Newman

Paul Newman, a movie legend, owned a cat named Louis XIV, a Burmese.

Paul was so passionate about cats and spends most of his home time around his pet.

He owned a company that produces a quite well-known cat feed called Newman’s own cat food.

The company donates its profits to most charity organizations all over the world.

Zach Galifianakis

Another cat named Steven belongs to Zach Galifianakis.

Zach is an actor and a comedian featured in The Hangover, Puss in Boots, and The Lego Batman movies.

Zach loves cats so much that he named it after the great musician Cat Stevens.

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian, a team of celebrities, featured in a television series.

They got famous due to their unique ways of attracting media attention.

Khloe, a team member, flaunts a lot with her Bengal cat in most of her Instagram photos.

Taylor swift

Taylor swift never leaves behind her cat when going out for tours.

She loves her cat so much and shares most of the pictures they take together on Instagram.

Taylor, one of the most well-known singers today, performs a lot in the music industry.

In all concerts she attends, Meredith, her cat, never misses.

Ellie Goulding

Noticing the musician from Britain, Ellie Goulding, would be very easy.

If you are a fan looking for her on social media, you will get to know how much love she has for pets.

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She keeps her Twitter and Instagram accounts so active with posts of her and her cats.

Ellie even featured Lennon and Wallace in the video series called “Pets~ They’re just like us.”

Ellie had the Bengal cats she had since 2015.

She later adopted another cat on New Year’s eve of Christmas2017 and named the cat Eve to mark the date she joined the family.

Chelsea Clinton

Bill and Hillary Clinton had a daughter named Chelsea Clinton.

The girl once welcomed a stay into their home. She named it Socks.

During that time, the governor lived in Arkansas, and Socks moved into their mansion to live with them.

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Later, the family relocated to the statehouse, and Socks did not remain behind.

It moved in too. Most surprising, the pet never missed in all the family pictures put on the statehouse walls.

She became part of the family, and they many times talked of how the cat brought joy into their home.

Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda, a daughter of Henry Fonda, turned famous in the film industry.

This was after she performed in the movie called “War in Vietnam.”

This was in the early years of the 1970s and through to the 1980s.

At that time, she also remained popular as her father had.

During her career times, she would take a lot of pictures with her Siamese cat.

She got so attached to her pet that the two would do the poses together in her yoga practices.

Marlon Bando

“Apocalypse Now” and “The Godfather” movies featured a famous actor called Marlon Bando.

The actor is also appreciated in his acting career, especially for his roles in the two movies.

For him, the appreciation in the movies is entirely different from his real character.

He’s well known as a difficult person to work with due to his trouble-making behavior in his real life.

Many of the things known about Marlon Bando in his acting career do not include the love he has for cats.

Not so much his known about him and his pets.

Despite this, on other occasions, there appeared photographs of Marlon with his cat.

One of them while at his typewriter and the next while playing together.

Morgan Freeman

The next well-known actor, producer, and narrator go by the name Morgan Freeman.

The actor got an award for the many roles he played in the video called Dollar Baby.

He also had a cat who he named Morgan after himself.

Morgan, the pet, and Morgan Freeman, the master, had a very close relationship.

The two missed each other every moment one of them went away.

Many times, it happened that when Morgan Freeman came back, the cat’s face would brighten up in joy.

It would then pounce on the actor to hug him.

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If you’ve ever thought about why some actors are very dynamic, playful, and curiously creative, now you know. Many actors and actresses can thank their feline friends for the inspiration they need to put their best foot forward.

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