Cat Purring As A Form Of Medicine

Cat Purring As A Form Of Medicine

It may come as a shock, but cat owners may live longer than the rest of us!

Through the healing powers of their furry friends, a superpower that few may know of. All only through a cat’s natural inclination to purring.


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Recent studies indicate that the purring of a house cat has therapeutic and medicinal qualities.

To much more than just the calming effect on the mind, but to our bones and organs as well.

What frequency does a cat purr at?

Purring is simple.

The brain sends an impulse via a neural oscillator to laryngeal muscles– the tissues of the larynx. These muscles can open and close the spaces between the kitty’s vocal cords.


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The muscles execute this valve-like motion in quick and successive cycles. This motion, in turn, produces the distinct purring sound cats make.

The movement of these muscles in such a rapid manner makes them vibrate and vibrate the air around them, creating sound. These vibrations have been measured to be in frequencies from 20 to 140 Hz.

Numerous medical cases in history support this frequency range as having therapeutic effects over a broad spectrum of ailments.

Maybe this is the secret to cats’ famed longevity and might give some basis to the legend of a cat having nine lives.

Through simple energy conservation, which is evident in their ample amount of sleep, and a built-in low energy healing mechanism, cats are commonly some of the longest-lived pets around.

Can purring strengthen bones?

Frequencies between 25 and 50 Hz have proven most beneficial for bone regeneration in the past, according to several studies. This falls perfectly into a cat’s purring range of 20 to 140 Hz.


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It is worthy to note that it has also been observed that cats heal from broken bones faster than other animals.

Can purring reduce Heart Attack Risk?

The calming effect of having an animal companion is beneficial in general. Pet owners all over the world know this best.


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What they might not know is that cat owners have up to 40 % less risk of heart attacks, according to recent studies. Although this effect might be a result of the stress relief that a pet offers, there might be some more significant benefits to owning a cat.

What other effect does cat purring have?

A cat purring has great benefits, but it’s not limited to only broken bones and defective hearts.


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It can aid in soft tissue regeneration, like muscles and membranes under the skin. It can also be beneficial for cartilage health, helping to heal ligaments and tendons in the body.

Lastly, it can help reduce swelling and infections caused by various illnesses.

It’s obvious by now that cats are very close to being real super animals. Like any pet, they are a joy to own and a light in our lives. Their healing powers were making them even more of a gift to any family or owner.

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