Cat Breeds That Love To Snuggle

Cat Breeds That Love To Snuggle

You might think that your cats are insensitive and lazy.

At first glance, these creatures may look selfish, free-willing, and independent.

But there is more to cats than meet the eyes.

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These wonderful felines have emotions too.

Cat lovers know that there are tons of emotions oozing within by merely looking at the cat’s eyes.

And as a cat-lover, it’s your task to discover the ways to understand how your cats feel and how they express their feelings.

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The rubbing of their cheeks with yours means that you are a friend to them.

Their tail is a clue to how they are.

Their eyes speak everything.

Their purrs is a clue to how comfortable they are with you.

The cats hanging out with you would signify what you meant to them.

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Here are the top ten cat breeds which love to snuggle:

10. Sphinx

Surely, you will not forget these cats for their skin and lack of coat.

You might even sigh: “Poor cat, they might die in the cold.

” A coat is a cat’s protective fur, but lack of it would mean that nights are colder for these cats; hence, they need more human interaction, they need you.

These most affectionate cats make up for their lack of coat by snuggling with you.

They need the warmth of your body as much as the warmth of your love.

These cats are highly energetic, attention-seeking, and highly intelligent, which tells their human owners so much.

9. Maine Coon

These cats look tough and stubborn and dangerous, but do not be fooled!

They are “gentle-giants” which enjoy some hugs and petting.

As we speak, these cats might be seriously stalking their prey somewhere (they have fantastic hunting skills), but they are tamed, you know.

They are considered one of the largest domesticated cat breeds globally, and they are brainy and spirited.

Plus, it is great to have them with your children, or with some other pets, because of how loving they are to those they consider family.

However, they tend to be anxious and uneasy with strangers.

You will not see these cats getting near your visitors!

8. Ragamuffin

These cuddly felines are world-renowned for being quiet.

They look entirely chill and relaxed as you cuddle with them.

But, do you know that they are smarter and even more affectionate than other cats?

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However, they are not easily trusting strangers.

It will take some time for a stranger to gain this feline’s trust, but this cute little fellow will eventually accept the stranger as a friend.

So just be patient.

If you have other pets, these felines could qualify for the “best-friend” title.

You can definitely award them as “best friend of the year”.

These cats are typically long-haired.

So there is no need for too much grooming.

They may be heavy and thick-furred, but they are a joy to pet!

7. Selkirk Rex

Look at these cats!

What a sight to behold!

These cats possess special coats that are eye-candy.

Surely, you have to fight the urge to touch them and caress their shiny fur!

Selkirk Rex is a naturally friendly and sociable feline that loves to goof around a lot.

Plus, they make for a good buddy for children since they easily attach to anyone around.

So if you have a baby or you are planning to have one, you can get yourself this adorable cat!

You will have a pet, a friend, and a babysitter.

You can see these felines in two versions: the straight-haired and the curly-haired.

The hair length may be different from cat to cat, so it is worthwhile to give yourself some time and space to study how to groom them.

But do not worry; you will enjoy every grooming session you will have with these felines because they are caring and sweet and amiable.

6. Himalayan

These blue-eyed, long-haired cats are a sub-breed of the Persian cat.

These cats are known for being independent, so it is wise to have one while still a kitten.

The younger the cat is, the more time you will have to gain its trust.

Plus, you will build a stronger connection with the feline as time goes by.

You both will grow together!

Isn’t that amazing?

Or else, these cats will be selective about whom to get closer with.

If you had yourself an adult Himalayan cat, it might be distant and indifferent to anyone else.

Who says cats do not have favorites?

Their favoritism characterizes Himalayan cats.

These cats may show affection to the whole family, but they remain loyal and loving to their favorite human.

The good news is, they do not demand so much time and extra care.

In fact, like a true civilized gentleman, they are expressive with you when they need something from you; hence, they are subtle and easy to get along with.

If you want a cat with manners, adopt a Himalayan cat now!

5. Scottish Fold

Cuteness overload plus playfulness equals perfection!

Look at those big eyes and endearing ears!

These cat’s foldable ears are their distinct qualities making them look like an owl.

These famous felines may be more expensive than other common breeds, but they sure are lovable with their rare traits!

They are worth every penny your spend buying one.

Being affectionate by nature, there is no doubt that these cats grow incredibly fond of their caretakers.

They will love, adore, and follow around the people who take good care of them.

They are brilliant and easy-to-groom.

But beware: these cats surely hate being left alone, as they are prone to be depressed.

So do not leave a Scottish Fold unattended.

Or else, the price to pay for their depression is heavy.

Just allow the cat to keep you company all the time.

It is a win-win situation.

4. Birman

Nature is smart to put some patterns on these felines.

These cats are distinguishable by their pointed pattern and quiet nature.

Other than that, they are smart and undoubtedly curious.

They love to follow their owners around regardless of what the owner does and where the owner goes.

What a stalker!

These cats wanted to help and be involved once in a while.

Yes, they are the most helpful of all the cats.

They may have soft voices, but their silky medium-long coat is irresistible.

If you want a pet to tag along with you as you relax, a Birman cat is the one!

3. Persian

These very quiet cats are the second most popular breed in the US in 2015.

They are long-haired with several varieties of coat colors and unique facial features.

There is nothing these cats love more than staying indoors, close to their owners.

If you are a home-person and would rather order a pizza, eat popcorn while watching Netflix, then grad this cat now!

These cats do not like exploratory trips outside, so they will not be lost or run away.

They could snuggle with you on your couch the whole day!

These indoor cats would perfectly blend in apartments.

That is why they are popular.

They are calm and adaptable, depending on their sub-breed.

2. Ragdoll

Look at those vibrant blue eyes and a distinct coat!

Beautiful, right?

These felines may be large, but they are affectionate and meek, like a sweet, well-behaved child.

Do you know that their names originated from the first specimens examined to having tendencies to become very chill and limp when carried?

You see, if you want a cat you can take around, a cat that will not bite when touched and will not resist when lifted, buy a Ragdoll now!

They make the sweetest purrs in your every touch.

Their purrs are like the melody at night.

Plus, they are friendly with other pets.

You love a dog but got yourself a cat instead?

Chill out!

Ragdolls have dog-like characteristics.

They tend to follow people around wherever they go.

They love cuddles and would love to lie on your lap for hours.

1. Tonkinese

The top-performer in the snuggling CATegory is no other than the Tonkinese cat!

These pointed-coated felines coming in a variety of colors are the most sociable and playful cats around.

They are high-spirited: very alive, playful, and full of energy.

Watching them play and go would definitely paint a smile on your face.

They might demand a lot of attention from you.

But worry not, you will receive their full attention too.

Tonkinese natural playfulness makes them engaging pets.

You can interact with and play around all day long (and nights, too, especially during dawns).

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You can play fetch with these cats, something you thought only dogs could.

Since they are active, highly intelligent, extremely people-friendly, and quickly get bored, be sure to give these felines all your love.

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