Cat birth tips

Cat birth tips

Your cat birthing can be a handful.

A lot of extra responsibility comes along with caring for newly born pets.

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You must have the right supplies. You also need the correct information.

This will help you to do the right thing. Helping a cat with birthing can be called ” Queening.”

It usually happens naturally. So, maybe this is your first time? Well, here are some useful tips.

What are the necessary things to do before birth?

Just like with humans, cats need medical care during pregnancy.

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Take your cat to the vet regularly.

Before you breed your pet, you need to be sure that your cat is free of parasites or viruses.

These are harmful during pregnancy. So, you should get your pet to take a physical test.

During pregnancy, your cat is usually more sensitive.

However, this shouldn’t stop it from exercising or being active.

Do not let your cat fall from high places while being pregnant.

In terms of supplies, having a birthing box puts you right on track.

For a start, get a large box or one with three doors.

It is even much better if your pet is used to the box before birthing.

It will feel safer and more comfortable there. Also, to allow for easy cleaning, line the bottom of the box.

You can make use of newspapers.

Get a spare box too. It will keep the newly born kittens while your cat continues to birth.

Small blankets will also keep the baby cats warm. Other useful supplies are clean towels and paper towels.

A thermometer would also be helpful. Your cat’s temperature is likely to drop during queening.

Your vet’s number should also be in hand in case of an emergency.

Cats are likely to have more food and water a day before birthing.

You should try to notice these kinds of changes.

As the time for queening becomes closer, separate your pregnant feline from the other pets.

There can be a delay during birthing.

However, it shouldn’t last for more than four hours.

In some cases, it may be as short as ten minutes. It varies.

If it looks like it’s taking more than four hours before the next birth, contact the vet ASAP.

What should you do after your cat gives birth?

Helping your cat cleanup is important.

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However, before that, you should make sure that your cat has bitten off the umbilical cords of its kittens.

If this isn’t done as soon as they’re out, you can help your pet with the use of surgical scissors.

With the use of a baby syringe, pull out fluids from the mouth of the kittens.

Tidy the whole area after. Also, make sure to keep your pet and it’s babies warm.

For the first few hours, you’ll find your pet cleaning up the kittens, nourishing them, and keeping them warm.

The milk suckled helps build up your kitten’s immune system.

So, it is essential to keep the baby cats close to their mother.

Not being warm enough during the first few days can lead to hypothermia.

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Make sure to check on your pet to make sure that its kittens are kept clean.

They must also be well cared for. Also, ensure that they are kept comfortable and warm.

Visit the vet regularly with your new cat family to make sure that they are responding well.

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Those are the essential tips you need to know about cat birthing. Good luck!

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