Cat Behavior After Fights

Cat Behavior After Fights

Cats fight with each other and come out the worse for it.

Why is it an important issue?

You may think that cats would make up soon after a fight.

It is easy to dismiss this as a short-lived issue.

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If you believe that fights don’t distress cats for long, you should think again.

Fights can be as upsetting for cats as for humans.

It is important to understand what cats go through in fighting each other and how they can be comforted.

Do catfights result in serious injuries?

Cats get injured when they fight with each other, and the injuries can be serious.

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Some injuries may not even have any external or visible signs.

Such injuries may have to be inferred from the behavior of the cat.

How can I know if the cat is injured?

Some of the changes in the cat’s behavior and conduct, such as inactivity, dullness, or difficulty in walking, might point to internal injuries.

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Apart from these, the cat could also show visible signs such as bleeding, swelling, or other external wounds.

Should I take the injured cat to a vet?

If any of the above symptoms are present or the cat’s behavior is unusual, it might be necessary to take it to a veterinary doctor.

If the cat has excruciating pain, the vet might want to make sure there are no internal injuries.

This can be seen easily with an x-ray.

Fractures, though, are rare among cats as their bones are soft and pliable.

What are the emergency treatments for injured cats?

On noticing the cat’s injuries, the first thing to do is to ease the pain and provide relief.

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If the wound or bleeding is severe, you should cover the cat with a towel or cloth and take it immediately to a veterinary doctor.

If the injury does not appear to be serious, it is enough if you clean the cat with warm water.

Even in such cases, it is best to consult a vet at the earliest opportunity to make sure that there is no serious problem.

Can humans get affected?

Another thing to remember is that injuries from cat fights can affect humans too.

A human being can get hurt while trying to separate two fighting cats.

If the injuries to a human appear serious, it is better to call for emergency assistance.

Should I report the attack?

Aggressive stray cats can be dangerous and may again pose a threat to the domestic cat in the future.

If the cat was attacked by a stray cat, you should notify the authorities.

If the cat was fighting with another domestic cat, you should inform its owner.

This way, you can prevent future fights and injuries to both cats.

Post-trauma care

Getting into a fight with another cat, and being injured in the process, are traumatic events in a cat’s life.

They need to be handled with care and understanding.

How should the cat be treated immediately after a fight?

The first thing to remember is that the fight might not have been the fault of your cat.

Even if it was, the cat is probably still in a state of great agitation.

If you are harsh with the cat or try to discipline it at this stage, it might make matters worse.

Cats are likely to be high-strung and sensitive after such an event.

You should be aware of this and handle them with tenderness and understanding after a fight.

What about physical injuries?

The physical part of the cat also requires care.

The veterinary doctor might recommend antibiotics or pain relievers.

You should ensure that your cat takes them regularly.

The doctor might also prescribe ointments for external use.

Apply them as the doctor advises without fail.

If the wound has been sutured or bandaged, you should regularly inspect them to ensure they are in place until the wound fully heals.

How should I care for the cat after the initial treatment?

You should clean and check the wounds regularly.

If you notice anything abnormal, take the cat to the vet.

Will there be any restrictions?

The doctor might advise restrictions on food because of internal medicines.

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Observe these restrictions strictly until the medicines are stopped.

When can I allow the cat to go out again?

As part of post-trauma care, it is a good idea to keep the cat away from other animals for a few days.

This can be continued until it can entirely get over the trauma.


Fights can be traumatic for cats.

Their injuries can also be serious.

It is essential to attend to the physical injuries immediately.

It is also essential to understand the trauma and be supportive of the cat after the fight.

Treat the cat gently and with understanding after a fight.

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