Cat Behavior After A Fight

Cat Behavior After A Fight

Cats fight. They fight other pets; cats fight other cats as well.

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As a cat owner, you might not expect tension between two cats under the same roof.

However, tension leads to aggression. It may also lead to a big fight.

So, it would help if you were ready to take care of things like this.

Your pet may experience injury and trauma.

Others who try to get involved may get injured as well.

Here’s all you need to know about cat behavior after a fight.

How can you tell that your cat has fought?

Usually, there are wounds to show that a fight took place. However, they may not be seen easily.

You may notice signs like lethargy, heavy bleeding, and puncture wounds.

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It means that you have to seek medical care for your cat ASAP.

Also, your kitten may have swellings or lumps on its skin.

If you notice this or limping, you also have to see a vet.

If your cat seems to be in a lot of pain, you might also need an X-ray.

A bone could be broken or worse.

However, this might not be necessary, as cats aren’t usually that strong.

If anybody gets badly injured while trying to separate the fighting cats, call 911 immediately.

Usually, if your kitten isn’t bleeding much or wounded on the face, neck, or abdomen, you can clean up with warm water.

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However, you may have missed some wounds.

Usually, it’s best to wrap a towel or cloth around your pet and see a vet.

If your cat had a fight with a stray cat, make sure to tell the authorities in charge.

However, if it has an owner, let them know what happened.

This way, it’s not likely to repeat itself.

How do you care for your cat after a fight?

Use the recommended medicine and antibiotics.

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Note that they might prevent your pet from being able to eat or drink some things.

You will make use of drains, stitches, and bandages.

Ointments and painkillers may also be useful.

You should not let your cat interact with other pets just yet.

It might not be on its best behavior.

Check on the wound while it heals.

Clean it with soap and water from time to time.

Swelling or fluids oozing around the area may mean that the injury is infected.

Your cat would need some antibiotics. However, make sure to call a vet first.


Do not make your cat more anxious or scared after a fight.

It would help if you acted calmly.

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When you are calm, it is less likely to act scared.

It is already traumatized. Punishing your kitten would make it worse.

Please pay more attention to your cat as it helps the healing process.

Show love to your pet; give it some space if that’s what it needs.

Ensure that your pet is okay.

Most importantly, make sure that the experience does not repeat itself.

Use these tips to manage your cat’s behavior if it gets into a fight.

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