Can Your Cat Eat Yogurt_

Can Your Cat Eat Yogurt?

Yogurt is easily one of the healthiest foods. It contains plenty of probiotics and minerals.

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But is it suitable for your cat? Will it boost the health of your furry friend, or will it burden your cat with digestive problems?

The simple answer to the question is that yogurt is suitable for your cat.

In fact, it is even better than milk.

Why do you ask?

Because it contains living cultures that digest lactose as soon as your cat eats it.

That means even lactose- intolerant cats will have an easier time digesting yogurt than it will have to digest milk.

What’s more, yogurt also has numerous health benefits for your cat.

Let’s delve into the benefits that your cat will enjoy by eating yogurt.

Does Yogurt Boost your Cat’s Immunity?

Yogurt is laden with minerals that will benefit your cat immensely.

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The first is potassium, which maintains fluid balance in the body.

It also has calcium, which is vital for bone and muscle formation.

The third is magnesium, which enables your pet to better absorb essential minerals like sodium and Vitamin C.

The living cultures present in the yogurt also boost the immunity of your pet a great deal. But how do they do this?

Simply put, the cultures promote a balance of good bacteria in your pet, thus making it much easier to ward off disease and infections.

Will Yogurt help with Your Cat’s Indigestion?

As every pet parent knows, cats are prone to suffering from digestive problems.

These playful beings sometimes eat everything they can lay their hands on, including their own hairballs.

Sometimes, they eat something that upsets their stomachs.

Whatever the cause, indigestion is often an uncomfortable affair.

Luckily, plain yogurt offers your pet a quick relief from indigestion.

It soothes the digestive tract while promoting bowel movement in your pet.

Better yet, 5 ml of plain yogurt before a meal can help ease diarrhea in your pet, not to mention getting rid of cramps and gas.

Is Yogurt Good for your Cat’s Dental Health?

If you want to keep your pet’s teeth clean and hygienic, feeding him a bit of yogurt might be all you need to do.

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The yogurt’s living cultures help keep bacteria balanced in your cat’s mouth, thus keeping gum infections and tooth decay at bay.

There simply couldn’t be an easier way than this to protect your pet’s teeth.

Can Bacteria In the Yogurt Be Good for Your Cat?

Bacteria can not only be useful but actually vital for your cat’s well-being.

When your cat suffers from an infection, the vet will likely prescribe antibiotics to combat it.

The downside of antibiotics is that they tend to kill all bacteria, good or bad, in your cat.

This can be dangerous because good bacteria play an essential role in the well-being of your pet.

Yogurt helps to restore the good bacteria, thus restoring your pet to health.

Could Yogurt Harm your Cat?

No doubt yogurt can be extremely beneficial to your cat.

However, there are some possible downsides to feeding yogurt to your cat.

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For one thing, some cats simply have a hard time digesting yogurt, which can cause them untold discomfort.

Yogurt can also kill some useful bacteria in your cat, thus offsetting the balance in bacteria essential to your cat’s health.

Fortunately, probiotic supplements serve as a great alternative to yogurt.

They can be sprinkled on your cat’s food but should only be used under the vet’s guidance.

What is the Final Verdict on Cats Eating Yogurt?

Cats can, and in fact, should eat yogurt. It is a highly nutritious meal that has numerous health benefits for your pet.

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However, make sure that you only feed your pet plain yogurt.

Flavored yogurt can be harder to digest, and the sugars in it are not incredibly healthy.

If your pet suffers indigestion or another discomfort from eating yogurt, simply stop giving them some.

Consider giving them probiotics instead.

On the whole, however, most cats would benefit significantly from eating some yogurt now and then.

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