Can You Feed Your Hamster Bread_

Can You Feed Your Hamster Bread?


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There’s almost nothing cuter than watching a hamster munch on those tiny bits of fruit and vegetable given to it.

But will it be just as cute if those were bread bits? Can hamsters even eat bread?

Hamsters do like to eat bread. We’ll explore this particular interest of theirs further in this article.

If you are a concerned hamster owner, stick around and find out more.

Should Hamsters Eat Bread?

It is okay to feed your hamster bread. You shouldn’t feed it white bread, though, because it as high sugar content. Serve only whole wheat and any other brown bread.

Bread is a very common breakfast item among humans, so there’s no harm in feeding it to hamsters.

It should, however, come in small amounts.

Bread doesn’t offer much nutritional value to hamsters. While it is good to switch up their feed every now and then, it shouldn’t be too often.

Straying away from their natural diet for extended periods can have negative consequences on the health of your hamster.

There are several healthy foods you can get for your hamster that would be more beneficial for it.

And you should only feed it bread in moderation, or as a treat.

Finally, there is one thing you should always avoid, whether it is with bread or their normal food. And that is over-feeding.

Why Feed Bread To Your Hamster?

Bread is part of the universal breakfast starter pack.

It is prepared in bakeries and derives its natural ingredients from flour.

It also benefits your health in many ways. Some of them include:

Bread is rich in fiber

Fiber aids the metabolic activities of the body, and screens out toxic materials contained in the body.

Fibers also help in the production of energy needed during work in intense heat and other weather conditions.


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Bread provides the body with calcium

Calcium plays a vital role in the strengthening of our bones, and bread alone has about 20% of calcium for our bodies.

Frequent consumption of bread with milk by older and middle-aged women can greatly lower their chances of developing osteoporosis.

Bread is a good source of folate

Bread is a 10% supplier of folate, for the healthy development of robust blood cells.

The formation of these blood cells is vital. They are responsible for supplying oxygen and also flush out harmful substances from our body.

Bread delivers Iron

Iron is needed for the formation of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to the blood. Bread is the supplier of about 10% of Iron in the body.

Low in sugar, salt, and fat: Bread is the ideal food for everyone, no matter the health conditions.

The salt, fat, and sugar levels in them are so low that they pose no threat to the body at all.

How To Choose And Store Pet Hamsters’ Bread

Whenever you want to purchase some bread, always remember to opt-in for the ones that are packaged. Packaging keeps them free from moisture.

Bread that is exposed to moisture will be unsuitable for consumption, as it will become soft and irritable.

Crispy pieces of bread are a great option, and you can even soak them in milk and serve up to your hamster.

It is more common to store bread on the counter, but you can preserve packed bread in the freezer.

Keep in mind that you should never unpack it while frozen.

And whenever you wish to treat your hamster with some bread, you can just get it out, unfreeze, and serve it up.


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What Else Can You Feed Your Pet Hamster?

The moment you realize your hamster doesn’t like bread, find something else. There are a number of other options for the occasional food switch up, such as lettuce, fruits, and vegetables.

But the best option remains the crunchy pellets made specially for hamsters. Before you visit local pet stores, though, ask your vet for recommendations.

Reasons Why Hamsters Make the Best Pets Compared to Other Animals

Now you have covered the basics about the hamster’s preference for bread and why it should be fed only in moderation.

If you are planning to adopt a pet and haven’t decided yet, then perhaps after reading this, you would want to get a hamster.

Hamsters are small, cute, and furry. They are pets that do not make a mess around the house, do not leave large piles of poo in the backyard, or destroy home furniture. They would keep to themselves, and you would hardly notice them. They are low maintenance pets.

Here are the reasons why hamsters are the best pets in the world:

*For Companionship

These nocturnal little critters will keep your company always, even at nights. Since they only sleep during the day.

It hardly makes any sound, does not bother you, and is very friendly. You can often take it out of its cage and play with it.

*So Cute

Have you seen its face? It’s like your own little plush toy that you can play with anytime.

*It Can Calm You

There is something about stroking and petting a small, furry animal that can calm your troubled mind.

*It is Self-Content

Other pets like dogs might be aggressive and might jump and bark at you, and be an overall nuisance to everyone. A hamster is the quietest animal you can have. It couldn’t care less.

*The Hamster Cages

There are so many to choose from. Some are large and intricate, like mini-building complexes.

*Like a Fly on the Wall

It is relaxing to watch a small animal inside a cage, just going about its business, without a care in the world. It’s like watching an episode of Big Brother starring only a hamster.

*Making an Obstacle Course

If you like watching a hamster inside a cage, the next step is making an obstacle course. You need a few toilet paper tubes, some Lego or building blocks, a lot of creativity, and you can make an obstacle course for your little furry friend.

*No Walkies for Hamsters

Taking a dog for a walk can be a lot of hassle. You would need treats, poo bags, a ball flinger, a whistle, a collar, and lead.

You would need to stop once in a while to let it pee or clean up the disgusting mess.

But with hamsters, you don’t need to do all that stuff. It will just let it go in the cage while it’s running on the wheel or rolling in the hamster ball.

*Training Them

Training it to do tricks will give you a sense of fulfillment in your ordinary life. It will work if you give it treats as a reward.

*The Poop

The best thing as a pet owner is not having to clean and scoop up piles of poop that your pet leaves behind. Hamsters leave only small poop pellets that you can easily clean up.

*Hamster Accessories

You can buy toys like small rubber balls or accessories you can put in the cage to make it look more snazzy and snappy. You can purchase those in your local department store or online stores.

*It is Friendly

It is very sociable and doesn’t shy away from people. If it is already used to you, then you can take it out of its cage and have playtime or training sessions.

*It Loves to be Cuddled

Since it is super friendly, it loves to be held, stroked, and cuddled. The best time to do this is late in the afternoon or evenings since it sleeps during the day.

*It Likes to Explore

It loves to explore. After all, it is part of the rodent family. If you are creative enough, you can make a maze out of household items or restructure its cage to be more worthy to explore.

*It has the Royal Seal of Approval

In the United Kingdom, the Duchess of Cambridge revealed that she has a pet hamster named Marvin. If it’s good enough for royalty, it is good enough for you.

*Someone Built a Tiny Hamster Town

UK designer and crafting artist Sophia Antidze, along with a team of photographers, illustrators, and directors, created a miniature municipality, where hamsters are the only residents.

It has everything in a real town, from tiny hamster street art to tiny hamster food.

The idea behind this was for advertising purposes, but it is a piece of art by itself.

The town and its residents are starring in the online series titled “The Hungry Hungry Hamsters.”

The hamster actors and actresses deserve a lot of credit since they do a lot of difficult acting work.

Each episode has a story, a script, cast and director, everything that a normal TV show has.

Watch it now at a hamster theater near you.

The Final Word

If your hamster likes it, then it’s okay to feed it some bread every once in a while.

Be sure to moderate it, however, because you still need to keep the little one healthy.

Right now, you need to figure out what is best, in terms of feeding, for your hamster.

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