Can Rats Eat Oranges

Can Rats Eat Oranges?

Given the fact that rats are over-eaters thus, they will always love to have a new treat.

Whatever food you give, rats will be pleased to eat it.

However, can rats eat oranges?

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Well, it depends because gender varies.

If your rat is a female, you can let her eat an orange.

But if he is a male, it’s a no for him.

Below are some tips to keep your rat healthy.

Your rat’s healthy diet

Pets must have to be healthy at all times.

An appropriate diet shall be provided for him thereof.

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Your rat’s healthy diet consists of healthy food full of nutrients and avoids overfeeding them.

Always observe whether or not there is a behavioral change when introducing new food because your rat might have stomachache or diarrhea.

And keep him active by providing something to keep him roaming around.

Can rats eat oranges?

Now the answer is, it depends.

If you own a male rat, experts do not advise allowing male rats to eat oranges.

The rationale is that it could be the basis for kidney damage or kidney cancer.

Oranges have citrus juice wherein it is high in d-limonene.

With this, your rat’s protein present in its kidney stimulates probable tumor development.

Most male rat owners then keep away feeding oranges to their pets.

If you do not want that to happen to your pet, shun oranges.

Is there any part of orange that a male rat can eat?

As previously stated, it is not advisable to allow a male rat to consume oranges because of the fact, that it may harms your pet.

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But if you insist, you may let your pet eat.

Since only part of the orange has a citrus acid, then it should be eliminated.

First is, you remove the peel and the skin entirely that covers the orange.

The orange skin has its nasty taste your pet would probably do not like it.

Second is, you remove the seeds of orange. Make sure that you take away all because it may choke your rat.

When it is ready, feed your male rat in a small amount and see if he starts loving it.

If you think your male rat wants more oranges, you may give him every other day, only.

Feed your pet at least twice a week.

Excessive consumption may cause him diarrhea and improper digestion.

Can female rats eat oranges?

A female rat can eat oranges because they do not have that such protein that male rats have.

The same stimulates kidney cancer.

For the safety of your pet, you must have to follow the tips that to feed must be in moderation or enough for the day, at least twice in a week.

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Observe your pet whether or not symptoms show up.

Orange causes diarrhea, with that event, immediately shun feeding your pet orange.

And consult your vet for proper treatment.

How many oranges can I feed to my rat?

Rats eat a lot. As you observed, they are overeaters.

You keep giving treats to them too because it is cute watching them eating.

You may also put a dry food inside his cage in case if your pet is hungry.

But as a rule, feed your pet in moderation. It is necessary to prevent your pet from obesity.

Also, overfeeding could have improper digestion.

It is advisable then to keep an eye on your pet.

However, as to obesity, rats are active.

They keep on roaming around, especially if you place a rope, a wheel, or a cube inside his cage.

In this case, this will help your rat to burn their fats.

At the end of the day, it is nice to see your pet healthy, active, and happy.

What other foods for rats?

To have your pet a healthy diet, you can offer your pet a food that is rich in protein.

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Rats do not only rely on fruits and vegetables because they are omnivores. They are meat-eaters.

Thus, protein is necessary for the rats.

Another food that you can offer to your rat as a treat is an avocado, strawberries, peaches, carrots, sweet potatoes, cooked beans, even bread, pasta, and a lot more.

Foods having high minerals and vitamins are indispensable thereof.

So, make sure that you can provide a healthy diet for your pets

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