Can I Feed Pears To My Guinea Pigs?

Can I Feed Pears To My Guinea Pigs

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Guinea pigs can be picky when it comes to eating. It’s challenging to plan a diet for them.

You’ll never know which food your piggies will reject unless you give it to them.

Food tests are a great way to determine whether your piggies want a particular food in their diet or not.


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Offer whatever you want them to try, in small portions. Your little one’s instant reaction should tell you enough.

However, some food is poisonous to them. At the same time, some come with little to no nutritional benefits.

But what about pears?

Can a guinea pig eat pear?

Of course, they can.

Pears are delicious and flavorful. You can easily grow pesticide-free pears in your garden or back yard.


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And just like apples, your guinea pigs would love to eat slices of pear.

They come with a lot of nutritional value. And also adds a variation in your guinea pig’s usual diet.

What are the health benefits of pears?

Pears are a good source of vitamin C.

Guinea pigs can’t make vitamin C on their own. So, they need it from their food source.


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Give your guineas slices of pear to meet their vitamin C requirements.

Use the food testing method to see if your little ones prefer eating pears.

Give a small portion at first. If s/he enjoys it, then you know what that means.

Guinea pigs should have pellets, hay, and freshwater in their regular diet.

Pears should be a treat and not a regular food source.

All fruits and vegetables make for great treats.

However, they contain sugar, too much of which can cause stomach pains and indigestions.


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You must regulate the number of pears you’re feeding to your guinea pigs!

Pears are acidic. Too much of it can cause stomach problems for your little furballs.

Moreover, it can give them diarrhea in the form of loose stool.

Check your guinea pigs droppings a few hours after they are done eating.

If there is a change in their stool, stop giving them pears. Also, look for dormant behavior.

Guinea pigs have a hard time digesting excess sugar.

If they have internal problems from overeating pear, they will remain inactive and seem exhausted.

Consult a vet immediately if you notice anything like that.

How to prepare pears for your guinea pigs?

Always give pears in slices to avoid choking hazards.

Take out the core from the fruit and the stems as well.


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Pear skin and branches from pear trees make for an excellent chewing stock for your guinea pigs.

It helps clean their teeth and keeps them occupied.

Pear juice, on the other hand, is a no-no. They contain excess sugar and are difficult to digest.

So, there it is!

You can feed pears to your guinea pigs, and they will love it.

However, moderation is required. A balanced diet with variation is the best thing you can offer to your furry pals.

With a little bit of care and a little bit of caution, you can create the healthiest diet for them.

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