Can I feed bananas to your pet turtle_

Can I feed bananas to your pet turtle?

You could have asked for much more because your wish is about to be granted.

Did you inquire if turtles could be given a banana?

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In a nutshell- yes.

When living in the wild, turtles can be omnivorous.

They can feast on fruits, fish, and insects.

Although they devour a variety of delicacies, too much of any one thing may be detrimental to their blood sugar levels.

In their natural habitats, turtles instinctively ensure they consume a variety of foods for all seasons.

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Fruits, including bananas, have a high content of sugars and even acids.

Therefore, a diet based only on bananas can cause bloating, diarrhea, and other health complications.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not asking you to deprive your dear pet of a banana bite every now and then.

Does one size fit all?

How to feed a pet turtle depends on several factors such as age & species.

I hope you can tell the difference between a turtle and a tortoise.

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Turtles usually consume live foods. On the other hand, tortoises are herbivorous.

Processed foods are completely off the menu for turtles.

Scraps of your leftover foods are also not the best nutrition for your pet turtle.

So, educate yourself as much as you can about your pet, its natural habitat, and the common culinary options it has within that habitat.

Trying new tricks might be detrimental to your pet’s health.

Most turtles in the wild feast on rich sources of protein- delicious crawlers such as worms, snails, etc.

I know not all of us are fearless around insects, but if you’re going to keep a pet turtle, you need to overcome your fears.

This also applies to vegetarians- your pet needs live creatures to survive; it’s not vegan yet.

Chances are, it never will be. Please refrain from considering this a dare!

But where will I find these?

The easiest bit is finding a pet store.

Most pet stores will provide you with a decent array of foods your pet may need as part of its daily diet.

For instance, you can find live bait at any fishing store all year round.

A turtle may eat around 15 worms in a single sitting.

Refrain from the temptation to give it any more at one time.

You can always put the rest in a jar or bucket for later use.

Turtle pellets are also easily available at most pet stores.

These can be a good alternative for the faint of heart.

Adding a few leafy greens is also highly recommended as a protein-only diet isn’t what turtles refer to as ‘balanced’’ A piece of fruit on alternate days is also a good idea to add some much-needed diversity to your pet’s diet.

Remember to not give your turtle cat food or dog food. There are limitations to what a turtle can eat.

Being the owner of a pet turtle is a serious responsibility, and I salute you for the effort you put into caring for your pet.

What if my pet is a tortoise?

If your pet is a tortoise, remember it’s herbivorous.

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Again, research the species’ natural habitat & the bounties it offers.

Some eat only green leaves & grasses; others enjoy variety and don’t mind a fruit from time to time.

Your pet store should be able to identify the species’ geography and lineage. In case they don’t, your vet certainly could.

Experts say feeding your tortoise once every two days is the right way to go, even if you feel like it could use more food.

Overfeeding tortoises can result in them developing a hump-like structure that surely doesn’t add to its already enviable beauty.

This is in addition to other health problems they might develop.

The best time to feed your tortoise is early in the day.

Always use a clean sheet of paper or a newspaper as a dish to layout its breakfast.

Tiny specs of dirt and sand can cause kidney stones in the long run.

Giving it clean food in a clean space will save you lots of time and effort.

A point to remember: Do not give your pet spoiled food. Rotting foods may cause maggots and/or internal worms.

Need a diet plan?

Well, dandelion or turnip leaves and romaine lettuce are the best-known foods for tortoises.

The occasional bit of fruit will be appreciated by the tortoise but avoid fruits with seeds.

The seeds in fruits could choke your pet. Manually de-seed all fruit pieces before feeding them to your domesticated tortoise.

Also, if your pet comes from the desert, its digestive system isn’t designed to break down the sugars or acids that most fruits contain.

Just a leaf will do. Thank you!

Too complicated?

In case you’re still trying to wrap your head around all the information in this piece, it might be best to remember that the natural diets of most animals aren’t as versatile as ours.

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Therefore, practice moderation in variety and quantity when it comes to dinner or breakfast time.

The last thing we animal enthusiasts wish to do is cause great harm while trying to enhance our pet’s life experience.

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