Can Horses Eat Cabbage

Many vegetables that are rich in vitamins and minerals form an essential part of our daily food.

They provide several nutrients to our bodies.

Can Horses Eat Cabbage?

Some veggies are suitable for us but not for animals like horses, dogs, or cats.

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Indeed, vegetables provide proper nutrition and increase the immunity power of animals.

But there may be specific side effects of some veggies.

Unfortunately, the cabbage is not a good option to feed your horse as it creates gas in the stomach during digestion.

Cabbages- Good or Bad for Horses

The primary food for the horse is hay and scoop.

Horses love to eat this stuff in combination with enough water.

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In between, a horse can accept only a small quantity of cabbage, which they can digest quickly.

If you feed it more, it will create a severe gastric problem.

Cabbage is a gastric vegetable and creates gas even when we consume it.

We may not feel it as it is in little amounts.

But in the case of the horse, the amount of gas is higher, and the horses are more sensitive towards gastric problems.

They may get gaseous colic soon, so it would be best if you don’t feed cabbage to your horse.

Although feeding a few leaves of cabbage to a big horse does not create a significant problem, but you cannot make it a part of the usual diet like hay.

Many horse owners have tried feeding a small quantity of cabbage to their horses under observation.

They found no adverse side effects on the horse.

Hence, a small amount is acceptable, and you can feed it as a treat on rare occasions.

As of today, the research about the side effects of cabbage on horses is still going on.

There is no final statement of how much quantity is within a safe limit.

Moreover, every horse has its capacity and resistance power towards gastric food.

So, it is better to judge your horse by introducing a small amount of cabbage in the beginning and observing its effects.

A few careful feeds will provide an assessment of how much cabbage your horse can digest without any problem.

Feeding Vegetables to Horse

When you want to feed any vegetable to your horse, wash them properly, and clean them for any dirt, pesticides, or bacteria.

It seems like a tough task to handle such a large quantity of material, but it is essential.

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The quality of veggies should be on par with the quality as we eat ourselves.

Then we can be sure of the safety of food for our horses.

After washing and cleaning, you must cut the vegetables into reasonably small pieces.

It would be best if you understand that in case the horse needs to vomit the material, it should be able to throw it back.

If the veggies are too significant, it may choke on the pieces, and this may prove fatal in extreme cases.

We can reduce the gaseous effect by cooking the cabbage before feeding, though.

But it is not the ultimate solution.

Some experienced horse owners experimented with their horses by feeding them in small quantities and observed closely.

There have been no adverse side effects.

Therefore, a small amount of cooked cabbage is not a problem.

As per the authentic research, raw cabbage is not suitable for horses as the risks are more than the benefits.

How to Feed Your Horse

Horses are sensitive to bacteria intakes.

If they consume any vegetable which is not clean, there is a possibility that bacteria will also enter their system.

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So, the owner must clean the veggies correctly to remove any pesticide content or bacteria.

The horse may eat more significant pieces of veggies, but as a precaution, you must cut them into smaller pieces.

In case the horse needs to vomit, it should be able to throw it back.

But if the parts are more significant, it may choke.

Are Vegetables Good for Horses?

Vegetables like carrots and pumpkin are suitable for horses as they provide the right vitamins and minerals.

They are non-gastric vegetables and pose no risk of gas. Corn is also a good source of starch and fiber.

You can prepare several dishes by combining corn with other veggies.

It can be a tasty and good recipe for your horse.

Are Vegetables Bad for Horses?

Some other vegetables like avocados, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, and Brussels are also harmful to your horse.


Hay and green grass are the main foods for horses.

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You may include certain vegetables into their diet after careful observations.

Some plants like cabbage are not a good option for horses as they create gas in their stomach.

But you may try by giving it in small quantities initially and increasing it gradually.

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