Can Hamsters Get Fleas?

Can Hamsters Get Fleas

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You’ve probably seen a flea-infested pet before.

If fleas can do that to, say, a dog, what will they do to your hamster?

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Understanding the telltale signs of fleas can be the difference between health and illness.

And while we are still at that, you should learn more about prevention and treatment.

This article will help you identify flea symptoms and keep your hamster safe from these suckers.

What Are Fleas?

Fleas are little insects that are mostly crawling beneath your pet’s fur.

Like most insects, fleas go through the egg-larvae-pupa-adult cycle.

And after hatching, they start feeding within a week.

Always check the hidden body parts like under the belly or beneath the ears.

Adult fleas are black. Some can grow to an astonishing 2-3mm.

They usually hide beneath your hamster’s fur, and, little by little, they drain blood from your hamster.

One flea bite will cause sudden itchiness or pain on your pet’s skin.

What will hundreds of these blood-suckers do?

If left untreated, your hamster may suffer from anemia.

What are the Symptoms?

Is your hammy shedding fur or scratching constantly?

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Do you see sore spots on its body?

These are apparent signs of flea infestation.

To confirm, wipe its fur with a white paper towel or shine a torch on the skin.

The tiny dark spots that you see moving on its coat are usually fleas.

So, take immediate action or seek help from an expert.

How do you treat Your Hamster?

Prevention is better than cure, they say.

To do this, you must ask yourself, how does your hamster get fleas?

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A hamster may get fleas from its playmates, breeding partners, other pets, or people.

Shared pet foods and dirty beddings are also perfect breeding grounds for fleas.

If you notice any flea signs, the nesting materials should be changed immediately.

But always clean the hamster’s cage first.

Fleas mostly lay their eggs in the corners of these cages.

Also, wash the feeding container regularly, get food from trusted sources, and avoid sharing food from pet to pet.

Are these primary measures enough?

In mild cases, yeah, but extreme infestations need a vet.

The expert will suggest several flea repellent sprays or some special shampoos for your hamster.

Remember, some smaller pets can’t handle aggressive chemicals.

Avoid flea spray or shampoo that is not meant for rodents’ skins.

And always follow the given directions.

What’s the Treatment for other Pets?

To avoid doing zero work, including your other pets in your treatment regimen.

If, say, your dog shows the symptoms before the hamster, wash it immediately.

Also, make sure shared beddings, food bowls, and toys are sanitized.

It prevents the spread of fleas to your hamster.

What is the Feeding pattern of Fleas?

Your hamster can’t handle fleas.

Fleas draw more blood from their smaller skin, and that’s why they are more vulnerable to anemia.

Larger animals, like cats and dogs, have thicker skin.

Fleas don’t suck as much blood as bigger animals.

Not that they should be left untreated, but they do not succumb as fast as hamsters.

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It is, therefore, advisable to track your hamster’s health regularly by checking for fleas.

Closing Remarks

A hamster’s immune system is quite weak.

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Only early interventions against fleas will save your hamsters.

You may also learn extra treatment and grooming skills from this online tutorial.

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