Can Hamsters Eat Bananas?

Can Hamsters Eat Bananas?

Hamsters do go wild for bananas.

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Like most rodents, hamsters love fruits and vegetables. It is in their genes.

But it would be best if you learned to feed them right.

And, yes, there are right and wrong ways to feed bananas to your hamster.

Read this article to get the full insight on feeding bananas to your hamster.

Do Hamsters Like Bananas?

Your hammy loves bananas.

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Serve fresh bananas 2-3 times a week, and you will enjoy the excellent health effects on your pet.

But bananas should be served just how your pet loves it: chopped into smaller pieces and served while fresh.

Rotten bananas may upset your hamster’s stomach leading to diarrhea.

And sliced bananas are better because the pet may struggle to eat larger pieces.

Giving larger bananas leads to wastage.

Hamsters also eat banana peels, but you should also cut these peels into smaller pieces.

Cool Facts about Bananas: How Do Bananas Help Your Body?

Bananas are fantastic.

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They are sweet, they are common, and they also have great health benefits.

Here are some benefits of bananas to humans and animals:

– Heart Health- Bananas have potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and fiber, which help your hamster’s heart.

It reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

They also neutralize some toxic elements in the body.

– Cancer Prevention- The fruit may also reduce the risks of getting colorectal cancer or leukemia.

Vitamin C from bananas helps eliminate cancer-causing radicals from your hamster’s body.

Fiber intake also reduces the number of toxins.

– Blood Pressure- Increased sodium levels may increase blood pressure, and bananas serve as a prevention remedy by reducing these excessive levels.

– Diarrhea Cure- During diarrhea, animals and people lose excessive amounts of potassium. And your guess is right.

Bananas are rich in this mineral, which replenishes your pet’s body.

– Memory Enhancement and Mood Boosters- Do you notice some joy after eating a banana?

That is Tryptophan, an amino acid in bananas doing its thing.

It also boosts the memory of animals and humans.

How Should You Store Bananas?

Have you ever given your pet its favorite treat only for it to refuse? It’s not uncommon.

There are excellent ways to store bananas if your pet has had enough for the day.

Always use a plastic container if you keep your bananas in the fridge.

This prevents the escape of ethylene gas, which makes the fruit to ripen faster.

Every morning ensure that you separate the bananas from its bunch to keep them fresh.

Placing unripe fruits next to the bananas also helps slow down the ripening process.

What Happens When Your Hamster Eats Bananas in Excess?

Bananas are super healthy.

Where is the harm in a little indulgence?

Your hamster’s love for bananas is good, no doubt. But bananas are also super sugary.

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Keeping in mind your hamster’s size, too much body sugar won’t be good for the pet’s health.

Obesity and diabetes are as real in pets as they are in humans.

These diseases pose mortal danger. Obesity further limits physical movements and exercising abilities.

And a sedentary lifestyle isn’t ideal for hamsters.

That said, try limiting your treats to 2-3 times a week.

What Other Harmful Foods Should You Avoid?

The inner parts of your hamster’s mouth are quite delicate.

Avoid feeding fruits with jagged ends to the hamster.

Also, please do not give them sticky or excessively dry foods.


Your hamster needs banana treats once in a while.

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However, too much of it is harmful.

Avoid giving your hamster excess sugar.

Also, never provide junk food or chocolate to your pet hamster.

These are poisonous to many pets.

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