Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apples?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apples

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away- we’ve all heard that saying.

So why not feed them to your guinea pigs to keep the vets away as well?

Apples are delicious and a healthy source of vitamin.

They provide the right amount of crunch and juiciness your fluffy friend wants.


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Are apples good for your guinea pigs?

They are only useful as occasional treats.

Your guinea pigs will probably love to eat apples because of the sweetness. But it isn’t necessarily good for them.


First, we have to take into account their diet.

Guinea pigs need a lot of leafy greens and fibers in their diet. It helps with their metabolism, as well as digestion and growth.


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Apple can’t fulfill any of those requirements.

Moreover, apples contain a lot of sugar. No matter how delightful to eat, sugary fruits can cause pain and digestive problems for your guinea pigs.

Their stomachs aren’t equipped with enough enzymes to handle too much sugar.

On the contrary, apples can be a great source of vitamin C for your furry little loved ones.

Since guinea pigs can’t make vitamin C on their own, they need it in their diet.

So treating him/her with chopped up pieces of apple every once in a while isn’t such a bad idea.

Should you treat your guinea pigs with apples?

It depends on whether s/he likes it or not.

Try the food test. Take a slice of apple and give it to him/her and see if s/he eats it.

You can hand-feed your guinea pig if he’s comfortable with it. However, guinea pigs are shy animals.


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So, yours might not eat it at first, but drag it to a hiding spot. In which case, you have to return sometime later and check-up.

If your guinea pig jumps at the occasion and starts munching on the bit, then you know what that means.

But if she nibbles for a while and moves away, then he’s probably not into it.

Guinea pigs are extremely picky when it comes to food. So there is a high chance that yours might not prefer eating apples.

But you’ll never know for sure till you give it a twirl.

How to add apples to your guinea pigs diet

Apples should be a once a week treat for your furballs.

As mentioned earlier, they may cause digestive problems, such as loose stool. In which case, you should stop immediately.

Always remember to slice the apples into little pieces before you give it to them. Guinea pigs are fast eaters.

They chew fast and swallow quickly. A whole apple can cause choking hazards for the poor thing.

Finally, check for sores around the mouth and lips. If you notice any sores, you should stop giving any more apples.

The fiber in apple skin is good for your guinea pigs, but the seeds contain cyanide, a toxic substance.


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Please make sure there aren’t any seeds in their bowl. Apple leaves are a good source of calcium.

So, you may offer some, along with the fruit itself.

Fresh hay, dark green leaves, vitamin C pellets, and fresh, clean water- that’s all your guinea pigs need.


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But who doesn’t want to enjoy the fruits of mother nature?

So, don’t stop yourself from indulging your piggies with some apples now and then. Just do it in moderation.

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