Can Ferrets Swim?

Can Ferrets Swim

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You might wonder what activities are there for your pet ferret. Maybe you are also wondering if this might be a long list. It is. Luckily, swimming is one of them! The question is, are they fit for this? Is swimming biologically compatible with ferrets?

Yes, ferrets can swim. As a matter-of-fact, all ferrets are natural swimmers. There is no need to teach them how to swim. Once you put them on water, they will know what to do.

Why does my ferret seem like it hates swimming?

It does not hate swimming. It is not familiar with swimming.

If you want to avoid this, make sure that as a baby ferret, you have already started introducing dipping in the water to it.

You can do this by holding it while you are taking a bath. You can splash it with water during playtime, too. Your sink might be a good friend during this endeavor.

There are plenty of ways to introduce swimming to them. The earlier, the better.

How will I know if my ferret enjoys swimming?

One effective way to find out whether they enjoying swimming is to put them on your water-filled sink or tub and observe how comfortable they are.

Make sure that no unnecessary things are floating there that might make them feel uncomfortable. If it seems like your ferret immediately wants to get out of the water, it probably does not enjoy it.

Do not worry; there will always be a chance to have a ferret that does not enjoy the activity. Just keep trying to let him familiarize with it, and soon enough he will enjoy it.

If he seems to enjoy it… well, that is that.

Whatever the case, your ferret will instinctively swim.


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Can I take my ferret outdoors to swim?

Absolutely yes.

If you want to go outdoors, you can bring your ferret to the beach or the pool ?? but always remember to always have them on a leash.

Your little friend might get a little too playful and excited.

At the beach, your ferret will probably spend a lot of time swimming, especially with the heat. Although, make sure it is not scorching hot.

You will also find them chasing small waves.

Also, you might witness them being too excited as ferrets love the sand. It is one of their favorite playgrounds since they could dig around it.


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You will need a leash.

Just be on the lookout dogs and other pets that aren’t on a leash so your ferret could get playful as it could get. The moment you get home, bathe your ferret with clean water to get rid of the sand because he surely has a lot on him.

This is also a chance to get rid of the seawater. Its body might be unfamiliar with it.

If you are thinking of bringing your ferret to the pool, well, that is fine too. In this kind of setting, ferrets will surely enjoy, but some may take time.

They will also jump around the tables and chairs. You need not worry because this can benefit them as their exercise; so they could release their energy.

Either it is the pool, the beach, or elsewhere, some ferrets will surely hesitate if it seems to be a new environment for them. That is okay.

Allow them to explore their surroundings at their own pace.

You could also make the effort of dipping with them as this may help them feel more comfortable about swimming. With the right temperature, it will swim upon its instinct… and later on, it will find itself exhausted (because ferrets get tired quickly!)


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Is swimming indoors a great activity for my ferret?

Of course!

You can use your bathtub, your sink, or an inflatable pool! The indoors are a wise choice, too. Considering that you will use your home, your ferret will not have to take its time to familiarize itself with the environment he is because it would take it outdoors.

Your ferret will have all the time in the world to swim and have a great time. That should be a sight worth anyone’s time.

Ferrets have a lot of internal energy. Your ferret would surely appreciate it if you could engage them in activities like swimming.

Should you have swum indoors or outdoors, always give them an allowance to move and explore at its own pace. They will come around. They are natural for it, anyway.

Just a pro tip: while you are already at it, make sure you are also having a great time. Trust me, swimming with a ferret is not a luxury anyone could get!

Other Fun Games You Can Play with Your Pet Ferret

Besides swimming, there are other enjoyable activities that you can do involving your pet ferret. It will provide you with the needed relief from boredom, and your ferret would get great exercise.

Ferrets would often find ways to enjoy themselves. When they get restless and rowdy, they can make a game out of anything.

They enjoy interactive and challenging games. It will ensure that your pet ferret is healthy and happy.

#1. Playing Catch

Ferrets are smart little animals. They are easily trained and can pick up on simple rules of catch and fetch.

Look for a small rubber ball, throw it, and encourage your pet ferret to give chase.

When it gives you back the ball, then throw it again. Give them little treats to encourage them more.

#2. Playing Tag

Ferrets are quick and energetic animals. When they get excited, they can speed up and zoom around your house in a blur.

Any form of exercise involving running back and forth is beneficial for your pet ferret. Teach it how to play playground tag.

Encourage your pet ferret to chase you around, and when it “tags” you, then it’s your turn to give chase.

When you catch it and “tag” it back, then encourage it again to chase you. It will give both of you endless hours of fun and enjoyment.

#3. Dance the Ferret War Dance

The “dooking war dance” is familiar to ferret owners everywhere.

In times of excitement, the ferret will hop backward and sideways, arch its back, and frizz out its tail. It is clumsy in this state, so it collides with anything in its way.

If your ferret is dancing, then you also dance with it. It will entertain your ferret. It will engage itself to dance some more.

#4. Burrowing

Ferrets love digging and exploring. You can give your ferret lots of exercise and entertainment by setting up a digging-for-a-toy challenge.

Get a large cardboard box, fill it up with shredded paper or packing peanuts then hide your ferret’s toys at the bottom.

Your ferret will have lots of fun “ferreting out” the hidden toys in the box.

#5. Tug-of-War

Encourage your ferret to play this game. If you have something that your ferret wants, it will try to take it away from you. If this happens, don’t give in. It will be the start of the game.

Then get a towel or a rope dog toy and let your pet ferret grab it by the mouth. Then tug and pull.

Be sure that you don’t let your pet ferret bite your hand instead.

#6. Cat Toy for Your Ferret

What works with a cat can also work for your ferret.

Tie a feather or ball with a string that’s held by a stick. Then dangle it and to your wily ferret.

Get its attention by trailing it along the floor, then suddenly lift it high. It will try to catch it.

It will provide both of you with hours of fun and laughter.

#7. A Bouncy Trampoline

If you have a trampoline, then you can use it for your ferret.

Put your ferret in the middle of the trampoline. Gently press it first so that your ferret will feel the bounce.

Once the ferret feels that it is safe, then it will bounce on its own.

If your trampoline is high from the floor, be aware of your ferret at all times. Be sure that it won’t go over the edge and hurt itself.

#8. Create a Maze

Ferrets are smart as well as persistent. It needs something that engages itself physically as well as mentally.

You can either buy a ready-made maze for small pets or design your own from household items.

Be as creative as you can be. Your pet ferret will appreciate it.

#9. Remote Control

A remote control car can be an engaging toy for your pet ferret.

Control and pilot it towards your ferret and go round and round. Your ferret will give chase, and you can play the game of tag with it.

#10. Pillow Fight

If you have a small and light pillow, then you can incite a pillow fight with your pet ferret.

Drop the pillow close to the ferret, then pick it up again. It will engage your ferret in trying to get it for itself.

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