Can Ferrets Eat Fruit?

Can Ferrets Eat Fruit

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As people have less time today, they prefer processed food for their pets.

Apart from processed food, people also like to feed them with something other than meat.

Fruits are one such type of food. But as ferrets are carnivores, their digestive systems can only digest meat. So, it is better to give them selective fruits.


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Also, make sure you give them fruits in low quantities.

If you feed ferrets with excessive fruits, they might not digest it, and the fruit might just come out as it is in their excretion.

What are the nutritional requirements of ferrets?

Ferrets require a high amount of proteins.

Carbohydrates should be minimum. Excessive carbohydrates can cause intestinal problems and can be fatal.

They also require a lot of vitamins.


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Their diets should have relatively fewer fats.

As fruits are high in sugars, so they contain a lot of carbohydrates.

So it is better not to feed them fruits in high quantities.

What fruits are suitable for ferrets to eat?

Pick fruits for your ferrets cautiously.

Avoid acidic fruits as they can cause acidity leading to diarrhea, dehydration and illness.

This might eventually cause weight loss and even malnutrition.


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So all the citrus fruits should be avoided, for example:





You can give your ferrets the following fruits to eat, but in moderate quantities, so that their bodies can digest.




Tips to follow while serving fruits to ferrets:

Peel off the fruits before serving otherwise the skin of the fruit may cause indigestion.

Thin pieces of fruits are better for ferrets because their intestines are thin.

Thick or big slices might cause a blockage.


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You should not give them more than half a teaspoon of fruits in a day.

Do not feed fruits to ferrets as complete meals.

In fact, give them fruits occasionally as treats.

Raisins are their favorites. So you can give them raisins as treats.

If the quantity of fruits is maintained, then fruits can be very beneficial for the health of ferrets.

Processed food for ferrets:

If you are looking forward to give processed food to your ferret, then buy food products high in proteins.

As ferrets are carnivores, animal-based proteins are digestible for them.

So avoid plant-based proteins.

Carbohydrates and fiber content should be as low as 3 percent.

Cat food (Substitute for ferret food):

As ferret food is high in protein, therefore it can be expensive as compared to other animal food.

So if you face difficulty buying a high quality ferret food, another substitute for it is the cat food.

You can also mix the ferret food with cat food to balance a healthy diet and cost.

But feeding ferrets natural food is better than feeding them with processed food.

Are you also struggling with changing the diet of your ferret?

Adult ferrets are usually stubborn and do not adapt to a change in their diets quickly.

It is difficult to make them switch from the food from one company that they are used to, to another.

So if you are thinking of changing the diet of your ferret, do it gradually.

Add the new food to its diet little by little initially and see how its body reacts to it.

If it seems alright, then you can increase the ratio of the new food while reducing the previous one.

Observe your pet closely during the process and act accordingly.

If you change its diet suddenly, it might not accept it, and it can cause illness or digestive problems.

It is actually much easier to feed the infant ferrets the food that you choose for them.

So if you have a baby ferret as a pet, then you should provide it with different food so that their bodies can become adaptive to them.


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Can ferrets eat fruits?

Coming back to the initial question, now we know how the digestive systems of ferrets work and what are their nutritional requirements.

So we conclude by answering the question ‘can ferrets eat fruits?’

Oh yes. Ferrets can eat fruits, but only in a moderate amount.

And very selective fruits should be given to them, keeping in mind that they are carnivorous animals and that their digestive systems are designed according to that.

A healthy pet is a happy pet. If you give your ferret a balanced diet, then you can expect a longer lifespan for it.

It will have fewer or no health issues at all.

You will even save your money, as you will not have to visit a vet for them.

So, a bit of care and effort can make your pet healthy and happy.

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