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Can Ferrets Eat Chocolate?

I love chocolates. Well, who doesn’t? But does that mean I can feed it to my ferret as well?

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The answer is no! And the same goes for all your sugary treats and other processed foods.

Why can’t you feed chocolate to your ferret, you ask? Firstly, ferrets are carnivores. They should only eat high protein meat or food specifically designed for them.

Dangers of feeding chocolate to your ferret

If your ferret consumes chocolates or any sugary treats, their health is in danger. These treats are toxic because ferrets lack the proper metabolism to digest them.

Depending on your ferret’s tolerance, you may need to take it to the vet immediately. The size of your ferret will also determine how much chocolate is fatal for them.

Here are some of the side effects of eating chocolate:

Over excitement (sugar crush) or depression

Repeated urination

Excessive thirst


Seizures and muscle tremors


What to do after a chocolate accident?

After the chocolate accident, monitor the ferret closely and note their behavior. You can also give your ferret as much water as possible.

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That will help flush the chocolate out while keeping your ferret hydrated (especially if it is puking or has Diarrhea). You can also feed it with its regular diet.

But if your ferret consumed too much chocolate, say a whole bar, then they may even die from a cardiac arrest. Yes, it is that fatal.

But if you act fast and take your ferret to the vet, you may save its life. On the way to the vet, keep a close eye on your pet. And ensure they are alright.

It would help if you noted all the symptoms you rat is experiencing. That information is vital so that the vet can make the right diagnosis and treatment.

If your pet ate only a small piece of the chocolate and you see little to no symptoms, you can monitor it at home. And you can provide it with water.

Your responsibility as a ferret owner

Most ferrets have a sweet tooth. And will not pass on a chance to eat your treats. So it is up to you to stop that from happening.

If your ferret is staying with you in your room, then it would be best to remove any treats you have from it. And that includes an empty bag of chips. Even crumps can be fatal for ferrets.

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You can clean your room before bringing it there. And whenever you are letting it explore the house, you should keep an eye on it.

You can start by putting away any sweet treats in the house. If you have to walk with the keys to your snacks cabinet, then do so.

The most effective way to handle the situation is to find a glass jar with a lid. Put all the sugary treats in the house inside and close it tightly so that the ferret will not be able to open it.

Ferrets are super smart and may even hide snacks to eat in the future. It would be best if you inspected their play area to ensure no monkey business is going on there.

And whenever you miss your sugary treats, check your ferret’s hiding spots. Clean the area and you may find the adorable little culprit.

It is easier to keep your ferret safe if it has a specific place to play. You can secure the area and easily keep an eye on the ferret. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t let it explore once in a while.

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That way, you are keeping the ferret safe. One more thing!

Do not be tempted to give in to your ferret’s sweet tooth. There are other healthier snacks your ferret may love. You can give it those as treats.

Your ferret’s play area

Your ferret’s play area is crucial to keep clean. And even more important to keep it clear of your treats.

You should find out what may upset your ferret’s stomach and also keep clear of those foodstuffs. In the play area, only leave the healthy foods.

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Most fresh fruits and vegetables are perfect for them. You can also find out what the ferret can and cannot eat from your vet. And then put the ferret on that diet.

Cleaning its water and food bowl can also keep it from getting sick. You should change the water daily.

If you keep these few tips up your sleeve, then you and your ferret are in for a healthy and safe co-existence.

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