Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken?

Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken?

Dog owners often face the vital question of what to feed their dogs.

With a multitude of options available, the simple chore of feeding dogs has become cumbersome.

Different processed dog food is sold in stores, organic feed, or home-made meals that are not entirely the owner’s leftovers.


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Some dog owners even prefer a raw food diet, as eating healthy is excellent for humans and dogs.

If you are a dog owner who prefers raw food, then you must ask the question, Can dogs eat raw chicken?

Before we can answer that question, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of allowing your dog to eat raw chicken.

Is Raw Chicken Good or Bad for Dogs?

Many people are not aware that dogs descend from wolves.

That means their digestive systems can digest raw meat. Generally, dogs have to pursue, kill and consume food in the wild.

Because dogs cannot process or prepare their food, they must eat any food available to them.


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That means eating raw meat of dead animals for survival.

Dogs have been domesticated for a long time now and continue to evolve, adapting to a steady diet of dog food.

Modern dogs are spoiled, eating a cooked meal prepared by their owners or traditional processed dog food.

As such, they may not be capable of tolerating raw meat as their wolf cousins can.

Some people argue that dogs should eat raw meat exclusively, being wolf descendants, while others believe dogs should have cooked food to avoid potential bacterial infections.

However, healthy adult dogs possess robust immune systems capable of dealing with bacteria.

In the end, it’s your decision as a dog owner to feed your pet cooked or raw meat.


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Can Puppies Eat Raw Chicken?

The digestive systems of puppies are more delicate as they are at a developing stage.

You may want to avoid feeding them raw meat until they are more mature.

What are the Benefits of a Raw Chicken Diet?

Are Bones OK?

Raw chicken bones are relatively soft and chewy, so feeding to your dog is healthy.

Remember that cooked chicken bones are soft and brittle, so shards may break off.

These shards can lead to fatal injuries, and several dogs have died as a result.

Be sure to check with your vet if your dog can digest bone. Better yet, just feed your dogs raw bone.

Bones also keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy as they help in cleaning their teeth.

Your dog’s dental health is important in preventing diseases or even premature death.


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Are Muscle Meats Good for Dogs?

The back, legs, and neck are excellent muscle parts that are nutritious for your dog.

Dogs get most of their nutritional requirements from dog food, but adding muscle meat to their diet gives them more nutrients and protein.

Can You Feed Internal Organs to Your Dogs?

Vets recommend adding raw chicken organs like giblets and the liver because these are rich in protein and amino acids.

As a rule of thumb, you should include organ meat to comprise about 5% to 10% of your dog’s total diet.

Should Dogs Eat Chicken Feet?

Raw chicken feet are very healthy as they have high glucosamine concentrations that are good for the joints.

The feets’ rough texture helps maintain your dog’s oral health by removing particles trapped on the teeth as your dog chews on the raw meat and bone.

Do You Need to Change Your Dogs Diet?

People are now conscious of the lack of proper nutrients in processed dog food.

Most of the available dog food contains corn as one of the main ingredients. That is strange because corn is a confirmed dog allergen.

Also, corn is used as a dog food filler and does not offer any nutritious benefits.

A common misconception is dog food being vegetable-based when vegetables are included in the dog food list of ingredients.

On the contrary, vegetables, like corn, are used only as food fillers and do not contribute any nutritious value.


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What are the Dangers of Feeding Raw Chicken to Dogs?

Here are some hazards of feeding your dog with raw chicken:

What Types of Bacteria Can a Dog Get by Eating Raw Chicken?

Disease-causing bacteria, like listeria and salmonella, are potentially present in raw meat.

However, dogs have robust immune systems that invalidate most of the bacterial threats.

Moreover, the bacteria that cause salmonella are also found in manufactured dog food, so this is not enough reason to take the raw chicken out of your dog’s diet.

Can Your Dog get Constipated by Eating Raw Chicken?

Dogs can become constipated by consuming too much raw chicken bones.

It is best to limit the frequency to two meals per week.

Is Choking Highly Possible when Dogs Eat Raw Chicken?

Dogs are susceptible to choking while eating raw chicken bones, especially when they swallow small bones whole.

The same is true with large chunks of meat. However, you should also avoid giving bones with large marrows as your dog might hurt his teeth while gnawing on it.

What is the Healthy Amount of Raw Chicken for Your Dog?

It would help if you considered various factors such as dog breed, age, size, and activity level to determine the right amount of raw chicken to feed your dog.

It would be best to consult your vet.

How do You Safely Feed Your Dogs Raw Meat?

Freeze the fresh processed meat immediately after buying them.

Leave the meat frozen for two weeks to kill off the bacteria.

Better yet, purchase the meat frozen from the butchers or grocery and keep it in the freezer for a couple of weeks.

Are There Other Precautions necessary?

You should wash the raw chicken thoroughly to ensure its freshness.

Then clean the worktops, implements, and the feeding dish daily to avoid any bacterial risk.

Try to shift your dog to a raw food diet slowly by incorporating incremental changes.

Abrupt changes can cause pancreatic and stomach problems that could lead to illness.

Finally, avoid feeding your dog with raw chicken when he is sick.

A weak immune system might not be enough to neutralize bacterial infections.

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