Can Dogs Catch Cold_

Can Dogs Catch Cold?

Can dogs catch a cold?

This is an important question if you consider how easily we humans get cold.

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Dogs can catch a cold but not in the same way as humans. Your dogs can’t catch a common cold.

The different viruses that cause the common cold don’t affect dogs.

But they can catch a cold from more severe bacteria or viruses, like parainfluenza virus and others that cause flu.

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So dogs don’t have a common cold, but they can catch flu and kennel cough, which can also be transmitted to other dogs.

It is still unknown if dogs can get humans infected with canine flu because there isn’t a report of such cases.

Cold related sickness in dogs include:

Dog Flu (Canine Influenza or Flu)

This is the contagious canine infection from either of two types A flu virus, H3N2 and H3N8 viruses.

The flu isn’t transferred to humans. Dog flu from H3N8 is believed to have originated from horses, while H3N2 originated from birds.

H3N8 became widespread in dogs in the last months of the year 2005.

H3N2, on the other hand, became widespread in the U.S in 2015 and is believed to be imported from Asia, which had many cases of it for eight years before the U.S cases.

Kennel Cough

The canine cough is commonly called canine infectious respiratory disease.

Your dog makes a dry cough and feels uneasy. It’s an infection that may sound terrible, but it’s not always serious.

Most dogs heal without treatment, although it’s best to see your veterinarian.

When you notice the symptoms of kennel cough, give your dog a lot of time to rest with good nutrition and water intake.

There may be other reasons for coughing in dogs.

Canine bronchial disease, cardiac infections, pneumonia, neoplasia, Heartworms are possible causes too.

Are There Symptoms of Cold in Dogs to Watch Out For?

The common symptoms of cold-related illnesses in dogs are similar to what humans get when cold. Some include:

1. Intense dry coughing in the case of Kennel cough.
2. Sneezing and fever.
3. A significant reduction in the amount of water intake and food consumption.
4. Weakness and lack of interest in activities.
5. Nasal congestion.
6. Teary eyes.

Can I Give My Dog a Cold?

Humans and dogs can’t contract cold-related illnesses from one another.

But a dog and its owner may get infected with flu at the same time, especially during the winter when people are more vulnerable.

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This occurrence should be disregarded as only a coincidence and not a case of disease transmission.

First Aid

When you notice your dog has a cough, replace its collar with a harness and make the environment warm.

If your dog is between 30 pounds to 50 pounds, you can give it honey.

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Over-the-counter suppressants for children can also help to comfort your dog. Give your dog lots of water and place it on good nutrition.


Improve your dog’s immune system by adding supplements to its food if necessary.

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Avoid contact with infected dogs as much as you can. Ensure the dog is not exposed to too much cold.

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