Can Chickens Eat Potatoes

Can Chickens Eat Potatoes

If you are raising a few chickens at your home, you will be facing questions about their diets every day.

The most bizarre question that every owner faces is, “How many treats are okay for chickens?” or “Can chicken eat potatoes?”

Can Chickens Eat Potatoes?

Yes, the chickens can eat potatoes, and they love eating them.

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If you are a welfare-oriented owner, you must be having several questions in your mind about their dietary preferences.

Here, I will answer a few questions regarding chickens’ food, which may be relevant to you in raising your chickens.

Chickens are small animals, and they eat almost everything.

So, The owner must know the limitations of the chickens towards certain foods.

How Many Potatoes can Chickens Eat?

Most owners are aware that potatoes are one of the favorite foods for chickens.

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Once they see this food, they attack it and finish it in no time.

They eat anything they come across while strolling in the garden.

They are highly interested in cleaning your kitchen table.

They practically eat everything that you want to throw from your kitchen table.

Kitchen leftovers are one of the most nutritious food for chickens, and they wait for this opportunity.

When you see them chewing everything, you will realize that that there really is nothing that they cannot eat.

Potato is a versatile vegetable for chickens the way it is for humans.

They can eat cooked potatoes as well as raw ones. When we cook potatoes for ourselves, we add several spices and salt to get a taste.

But if you want to feed your chicken, you must not add salt or any spice to potatoes.

The salt content may damage the kidneys of the flock.

The potatoes are highly rich in carbohydrates and are a favorite for the flock.

If you have no time for cooking, you can feed the vegetables as raw too.

You only need to give access to the potatoes, and the chickens will know what to do.

They will bite it and eat it in small quantities.

The raw potatoes are excellent in preparing treats with other vegetable products like carrots and lettuce.

The green potatoes’ skin is highly toxic for chickens.

The green skin contains a chemical called solanine, which is highly toxic for chickens.

This chemical directly affects the nervous system of the chickens and may cause quick death in a short time.

Hence, the green potatoes are a big no for the chickens.

Although the green skin is highly poisonous, there is nothing much to worry about it.

The chicken needs to consume a large quantity to have a toxic effect.

It is almost impossible for any chicken to eat such a large amount in a single sitting.

So, just a few pieces of green skin won’t create any dangerous effects.

Therefore, it is okay to say that potato is an excellent food ingredient for the chickens.

It helps the owner to make several treats to entertain their chickens.

In their desire to show love and affection, owners fall prey to excessive giving of treats that make their chickens overweight.

Which Part of Potatoes is Good for Chickens?

Potatoes are an excellent vegetable for the chickens. They can eat them.

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If you leave the potatoes in front of chickens, they will take sit around and finish it in no time.

But you must remove any green skin from the potato vegetables.

This green color skin is highly poisonous for chickens.

It contains a chemical called solanine, which directly affects the nervous system.

For the ease of chickens, you may cut the potatoes in various slices so that each one of your chickens can get some share.

Otherwise, some roosters may feel to grab the entire portion for themselves.

Potatoes are not part of a regular diet for chickens.

You can feed them only in a small portion as a treat. These are highly rich in carbohydrates.

Hence, the amount must be as per the size of the chicken.

Are Sweet Potatoes Good for Chickens?

Sweet potatoes are especially delicious for the chickens.

They have no restrictions on peels.

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They are worth feeding to chickens, including their skins, since.

The solanine chemical is not present in their peels.

Hence, you can feed sweet potatoes to your chickens without any problem, making sure care that the quantity should not be too much.

Benefits of Potatoes

Potatoes are highly beneficial for chickens, which can deliver the right quantity of carbohydrates and potassium.

They also supply fiber and vitamin c to the chickens.

Potassium is essential for maintaining the nervous system and balancing their bodies.


Potato is an excellent option to provide as a treat to your chickens at affordable prices.

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They are safe and secure to prepare with various other vegetables.

You can store them for later feeds also.

Hence, the potatoes provide you an opportunity to manage the diet of your chickens and are supplemented with treats.

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