Can Chickens Eat Cheese?

It is a good idea to keep chickens at home.

If you own a few chickens at home, they can provide you with fresh eggs daily.

You and your family will enjoy nutrient eggs regularly.

These eggs offer functional proteins for your family and make your meals complete.


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Regular eggs will make your family happy, and you will think that you should provide different treats to the chickens.

You may have a few thoughts about giving new and exclusive foods for them. Chickens are good at eating.

They keep chewing something while jumping here and there.

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Can chickens eat cheese? It can be a general question for many chicken owners when they wish to treat their chickens.

Yes, the chickens can eat cheese.

Precautions while feeding

It is advisable not to feed the cheese in large quantities.

It contains high-fat content.

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The chickens feel difficulty in digesting fatty items.

So, you can give in a small amount occasionally.

If the amount is less, the chickens will be able to absorb it. They will enjoy cheese.

It is an excellent source of essential nutrients like proteins and calcium.

Milk or Yogurt for Chickens

All the dairy products, including milk and yogurt, usually are not suitable for the chickens.

These contain high sugars and more than 87 percent of water.

These are not digestible by the chickens if given in regular meals.

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They do not have the required enzymes in their body, which can digest the sugars present in milk.

In such a case, the chicken may suffer from diarrhea.

You can give milk and yogurt rarely.

Once you feed any dairy products to your chickens, try to observe what body changes it causes.

If you find any sickness, then stop giving any dairy products to the chickens.

Some chickens enjoy the milk and yogurt dishes if you feed them under observation.

Like human beings, a scorching environment affects the chickens also.

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Their body is not suitable for hot weather.

If you keep the chickens in a warm climate continuously, they may suffer from heat strokes or heat-induced stress.

In extreme conditions, heat and mental pressure can cause the death of the chickens.

Measure to Control Heat

Always try to keep the environment of chicken shelters as cool and dry.

Heat and humidity both are harmful to the chickens.

So, always try to remove heat from the space.

Provide sufficient sunlight, air, and shade for the chickens.

But ensure that they do not receive extreme heat.

If it happens, put the chicken in a bucket of water up to the neck-level for some time.

The chickens’ body will release the extra heat, and the temperature will revert to normal.

You can add ice cubes into the water to make the water cooler if required.

If the heatwave is passing, you can spray water on the nets to keep the heat under control.

When the heat is high, consider shifting the blocks to cooler locations.

You can keep wooden barriers to block direct entry of heatwaves.

You need to provide a suitable temperature in the environment.

So, close observation of chicken shelter is necessary.

Suitable Accommodation for Chickens

1. The chickens should have excess to open-air, sunlight, and shade.

If the chickens do not receive sufficient sunlight, their egg-laying will not be proper.

2. The temperature should not be extremely high.

3. Provide proper shades so that they can relax in the shadow. It should be near to the water cans.

4. You should not keep water cans at distant places.

They may not feel about moving out in the sunlight to reach the water and may result in dehydration.

Thus, try to keep water cans in nearby space where they can reach without moving through the sunlight.

5. The water gets dirty frequently, so you should replace the water accordingly.

6. Keep a close eye on their physical movement for any slackness or lethargy in their behavior.

If any signs of dullness or exhaustion are visible, take all the precautionary measures to protect them from heat or dehydration.

7. You may replace the grass bedding with sand bedding. The sand provides a more cooling feel and will help reduce body temperature.

8. Watermelon is a good source of water and fiber.

It will hydrate the chicken in case chickens suffering from dehydration.

The flesh of watermelon will help the digestive system.

9. You can feed your chicken various frozen fruits, which will provide the cooling feel and hydrate them.


The chickens are sensitive animals.

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They can provide you good nutrient eggs regularly if you take care of them properly.

You should give them a humidity-free environment with a suitable temperature range and provide a nutritional diet.

You can sometimes feed them special treats like cheese products in controlled quantities.

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