Can Chickens Eat Apples_

Can Chickens Eat Apples?

Chickens are sensitive animals of tiny size and have some peculiar food habits.

They eat certain fruits and vegetables.

Can chickens eat apples?

Generally, apples are not suitable for the chickens for eating.

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The apples contain seeds that are poisonous for them.

They cannot digest the peels of the apples also.


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So, don’t feed apples to your chickens.

Chickens seem to be eating and chewing all day long.

You never find them when they are not digging or picking something from the ground.

They can eat many fruits under certain conditions.

It includes, you should wash the fruits and cut them into small pieces.

Apples not Suitable for Chickens:

We can say that chickens can eat almost everything.

But if you have your pet chicken, you should not allow it to eat apples.

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It can eat apples if you remove the peels for the apples.

But it is not safe to serve a full apple to your chickens.

Apples contain seeds. These seeds have cyanide material, which is poisonous for the chickens.

If you remove the peels and seeds from the apple, then it is not harmful to chickens.

In such cases, you can feed apples to them.

But it is not yet confirmed that this fruit is not dangerous for them.

Besides this, some experts say that you should not serve apples even without seeds.

These can cause serious health issues for the chickens.

Some breeds of chickens are more sensitive than others.

So, instead of taking the risk, it is better to avoid giving any apples to the chickens.

Thus, most of the chicken owners never try to experiment with feeding apples to their chickens.

They have assumed that the apples are not the food for the hens.

Foods Not Suitable for Chickens

We assume that apples are not suitable for the chickens.

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There is a requirement to understand other fruits that, too, we cannot feed them.

The other additional fruits and foods that you should not feed them are as follows:

Avocado. The chickens do not eat avocado.

Usually, chickens chew everything that we serve, but the case of avocado is different.

It has a high level of the toxic compound.

When the chickens sense this poisonous compound, they do not eat it.

It is always safe from your side not to serve avocado.

Raw Eggs. You should not include eggs in the diet of the chickens.

Sometime they may eat their eggs if they are suffering from a high deficiency of proteins.

However, this is not harmful.

There is no adverse effect on chickens’ body.

If you want to turn your chickens into carnivores, then you can start feeding eggs.

If you wish to add some flavor to this dish, you can add crushed oyster shells to their recipe.

There have been no known adverse side effects of feeding eggs to chickens.

But regularly, the chicken owner does not feed the eggs.

Sweet Food Like Candy and Chocolate

One peculiar fact about chicken is that they do not have sweet taste buds.

They have about 30 taste buds that cannot feel the sweetness of sugar or sweetly items.

It means if you feed the chickens any sweet item like sweet candy or chocolate, they cannot feel the taste of the sweetness.

So it is really of no use to give anything sweet to chickens.

Besides, all the chocolates contain methylxanthines theobromine chemicals.

This chemical is highly poisonous for them. In some cases, it can cause death.

The sugar present in the chocolate will not make the chicken happy anyway.

It will put the additional risk of lowering the immune power of the chickens.

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Hence, feeding chocolate or candy will not serve any purpose but may increase the problem if the chicken is diabetic.

Junk Food

Some owners indeed feed junk food to their chickens.

But they know that it will not improve the health of their chickens.

It increases the sugar level and can lead to severe complications.

The problem becomes more severe if the chicken is diabetic.

It will shoot up the sugar lever, which can bring serious complications.

Raw Meat

You can turn your chickens into carnivores.

It is possible to feed meat to them.

Fresh chicken meat contains several bacteria and viruses.

If you feed the uncooked meat to the adult chickens, viruses, or bacteria may cause infection.

Such viral disease is generally highly infectious.

It may cause the death of chickens at the mass level.

So, if you want to feed meat to your chicken, then do not feed raw meat strictly.

You can cook it well and make some dishes to feed to your chickens.


The chickens are cute, useful, tiny feathered animals that are useful to their owners.

The owners should feed the best nutritional foods to them.

But, certain foods like raw meat, junk food, fresh eggs, and sweet products like chocolates and candy are not suitable for them.

So you should avoid feeding these items to your chickens.

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However, if you want to feed apples, then you can do by removing the peels and seeds of the apples.

You can serve small pieces of apple to your chickens rarely.

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