Can cats sense pregnancy

Can Cats Sense Pregnancy?

It might not at all be difficult to picture the stereotypical old cat lady.

They are often depicted as single and lonely, suburban, and often kooky older women who are devoted to their pet cats.

But did you know that these intuitive felines can be the best companion for pregnant women?

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Cats are known to be able to sense a pregnancy.

They can even become quite protective of the soon-to-be mother and her baby!

Nothing like a Mother’s (or a Cat’s?) Intuition

Cats, like most animals, have much sharper senses than us humans.

They can detect certain smells and pheromones that indicate hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy.

A more intuitive cat can even notice the subtle growth in the belly.

They say nothing beats a mother’s intuition.

Funnily enough, your cat may start to detect these physical and behavioral changes even before she does!

Feeling your Fur Baby’s Warmth

If you are a fur parent, you will notice that each pet would have unique personalities.

Some are warm and affectionate, while others are more distant and prefer solitude.

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An interesting fact is that cats are often very nurturing creatures.

Their motherly instincts and familial loyalty kick in for their favorite human, especially during their pregnancy.

Your cat may suddenly be more affectionate and protective of the pregnant woman and her baby.

Some cats even love to curl up on a pregnant belly to keep the baby warm and protected.

As Unique as a Paw Print

Not all cats will be this affectionate during a pregnancy.

Some might even become unresponsive and behave in unusual ways.

The key is to still make time for your cat.

Remember to give your cat some attention.

All fur parents know that cats are creatures of habit, so try not to disrupt his or her usual routine to avoid any additional stress.

A Memo for Expecting Mothers

Another thing to be cautious about is the possibility of acquiring toxoplasmosis, a parasite found in cat stool.

Cats that stay indoors and eat carefully prepared foods do not transmit the disease.

Though this is the case, it will still be best to take some precautionary measures.

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Wear a surgical mask when cleaning the cat litter.

Better yet, have a family member do this chore instead while you are pregnant.

Your Furbaby and your Human Baby

Your cat may seem affectionate and protective during the pregnancy, and behavior may suddenly change when you bring your baby home.

Showering your baby with lots of attention will make your cat see the baby as their competition.

This is something that your furbaby gets used to if you continue to show your love and affection for them.

Cats are gentle and nurturing creatures, and so it is unlikely that they will act aggressively towards your baby.

As the years go by, your baby and fur baby will have lots of time to play and bond, especially when your baby starts crawling.

During these playdates, it would be best to keep an eye on your baby at least until they are 7 years old.

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If your cat does behave aggressively during your pregnancy, you should consider consulting with a veterinarian.

Your cat might be one of the few that are unable to deal with the changes that a newborn will bring into the household.

Veterinarians and professional trainers may provide classes that will make it easier for your cat to adapt to the changes.

Your Furever Home

Cats are intuitive and nurturing creatures, making them the perfect companion for expecting mothers.

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Keeping your furbaby close during these times will surely keep these tender months even more special.

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