Can Cats Eat Turkey?

Cats are lovable and adorable.

When you feed your pet, you can see their excitement, especially if they smell something delicious like a roasted turkey.

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Cat owners would know the reaction of a cat when they smell the aroma of the chicken, specifically a turkey.


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Below are some details on whether or not a cat can eat turkey.

What cats’ diet need to consider?

Nowadays, cat owners buy food for their pets at the pets’ store.

It could either be a wet food or dry food.

Wet food is typically in canned goods or packs.

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On the other hand, dry foods cannot be easily rotted when opened because it appears in boxes.

The veterinarian recommends that your pet must have both dry and wet food diets.

However, a dry food diet may cause to have an unhealthy living to your favorite pets.

So, you may alternatively feed cats to both dry and wet.

It should be an assurance to your pet that, you as a pet owner ensure their health.

You can feed them alternately but shun them to obesity.

Aside from obesity, excessive consumption of food will also result in problems.

These are stomach upset or improper bowel movement. You have to acquaint your cat’s daily meal at least thrice a day.

You should include feeding time to your daily routine, making your meal, and for your pet as well.

In that way, you and your pet will have a close bond.

Cats need your attention and true enough that pets help remove your stress.

Can cats eat human food?

Generally, yes. Except for sweets.

Feline pets and other animals may eat human foods but, there are limitations.

You can give treats to your pet but make sure to avoid giving them chocolates.

Chocolates could be fatal for cats.

There is this high toxic content called theobromine which causes abnormal heart rhythm, tremors, seizures, and worst is death.

Another food that you should avoid for cats is grapes, alcohol, ice cream, and others that have more sugar in it.

Cats may eat vegetables. however, cats are still the same as other pets that you should feed them in moderation because it may cause harm to them.

As we all know that

cats are carnivores meaning, vegetables are not their primary food diet.

Cats need to eat more protein that is present in meat.

Conversely, the steaks shall be cook properly to exterminate bacteria.

Feeding your favorite pet meat keeps them healthy.

Cats can eat veggies such as steamed broccoli, squash, slice beans, and many others.

Another reminder is that you should properly wash all the food you prepare.

And cats should not eat unprocessed foods because it may not be eating well by your pet, especially meats.

Thus, cats can eat human foods.

Can cats eat turkey?

Yes, cats can eat turkey and will be pleased to consume the same.

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It is safe for your pet to consume cooked turkey.

Feline pets, however, can eat unprocessed foods.

But it should be much better, that foods given to your pet cat, must be cooked.

There are cat foods designed to have any flavors such as turkey.

Cat treats are commonly given a turkey flavor as a cat owner’s preference.

How much more if cats will be eating with the real one?

In times of thanksgiving, cooked turkey is always present on the table.

May be you can imagine how excited your cat to eat delicious foods.

Probably, your pet would love to eat what is being prepared. Especially this delicious turkey.

May be you will be surprised that cats can consume the whole turkey regardless of how it is cook. Yes, that is true.

Cooked turkey has garnished with any sauce or something that adds its tasty flavor.

However, you should not give a cat any food with more seasonings because it may poison your pet.

As much as possible, avoid feeding your pet cat filled with seasonings.

Spices could be lethal for cats such as onion and garlic.

Butter may also not be put in the turkey because it contains fat and calories.

Thus, butter shall be avoided for your pet. Even salt shall be, avoided.

All of these may cause your pet to heart diseases and makes blood pressure high.

Turkey, of course, has its bones so, when you feed your cat a turkey you remove the bones because it may hurt your pet.

Bones may choke your cat and intestinal obstruction.

Thus, you have to see to it that your cat is always healthy.

As a pet owner, it shall be your responsibility to protect them.

And lastly, turkey is not just an ordinary treat to your cat but, also the meat of the turkey has healthy benefits.

Healthy benefits of turkey meat

Turkey has a health benefit that you can get.

It has nutrients sufficient to supply the need for your cat to be healthy.

It is rich in protein and taurine, which cats cannot naturally produce.

However, there many cat food products that you can find at the pet store containing turkey flavor and nutrients.

As we all know, that turkey belongs to a class of birds and as deemed to be one of the largest birds.

Cats enjoy watching birds in front of them and ready to hunt.

You may imagine how eager your favorite pet cat catching birds using their bare hands and fangs.

Maybe to cats, it is just for fun or for food.

Is turkey dangerous for cats?

Turkey is not dangerous but, only when the bones have removed because it can cause choking.

In that event, it might create problems for your cat.

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Also, you have to remember that feeding your pet should be in moderation.

Leftovers are fine for your cat but do not just let them eat as much as they want because cats shall be feed in a slow amount.

Too much food may cause your pet diarrhea, improper digestion, or may ill them.

As much as possible, protect your cat from danger.

Observe your cat’s behavior whether or not something has bothered your to cat or making your cat discomfort.

There might be a piece of bone stocked in your cat’s tooth.

Or maybe your cat vomits because there is intestinal obstruction.

You do not know how it feels for them if they’re struggling in pain.

So, avoid getting into this scenario. Take care of your pet. And you consult a vet just in case.


Turkey is the cat’s most favorite food because of its tastes and natural flavor.

It gives more nutrients that are healthy for your pet.

In times of thanksgiving, do not forget to keep leftovers for your pet.

Your cat will be delighted if you feed it to him.

However you should, keep your eyes to your cat because of the danger of choking and obstruction.

That is the paramount duty that you must remove the bones. Also, do not overfeed your pet.

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Always feed your cat in moderation or occasionally.

Cats may eat everything but there a specific food as their preference.

Even seafood, they would love to eat that but as an occasional treat.

In a time of thanksgiving, it so sure that your pet is more interested in turkey.

To sum it up, do not overfeed to avoid obesity, always feed in moderation, and you are free to contact your pet for proper treatment in case problems may arise.

Such as improper digestion.

Take note of the instructions or advice that had been given to you by your vet.

Protect your pet at all times.

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