Can Cats Eat Raw Honey

Can Cats Eat Raw Honey?

As you drink your morning warm lemon juice with honey while playing with your cats, you may be wondering as to whether honey is right for them.

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You know for a fact that honey is not included in the list of poisonous foods your cats cannot intake.

This sweet and natural substance has many healthful elements that even your cats may benefit from its powerful benefits.

Many cat owners may ask if this is safe for their feline friends?

Raw honey is the best form of unprocessed kind of honey your cats can eat.

How do you know if the honey is unprocessed and raw? Pure honey is thick and milky in texture.

Raw honey is rich in antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties that are beneficial to your cats.

Antioxidants can help prevent cell damage due to free radicals, while antibacterial properties can kill unwanted bacteria and fungus.

For your cats to easily digest the pure raw honey, try to give a small amount on their first consumption.

If your cats are meticulous in foods, you cannot give them a large amount of honey.

Is It Safe to Eat Honey If Cats Are Sick?

Pure honey claims to be beneficial in humans with its numerous health benefits.

The phytonutrient compounds of hone are responsible for its antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

These valuable nutrients can also help your cats as part of their feline diet.

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Cats are carnivores, and the meat can provide the vitamins and fatty acids in their nutrition.

You can give raw honey in their meals but not necessary to use it as a regular part of their diet.

It is important to know if your cats can easily digest the raw honey and will not give them any discomfort.

Remember that not all foods good for humans are also applicable to our feline pets.

Give a small amount of raw honey without causing them to choke and not yield their stomach upset.

Introducing a small amount of raw honey to check your cat’s physical reaction is the best start to use when your pets suffer from a sore throat.

Raw, pure honey proves to be efficient in soothing sore throats and coughs with its antibacterial properties that boost the immune system.

You can dilute the pure honey with water to remove its sticky texture and use an eyedropper to pour small drops into their mouth.

Is It Safe To Eat Honey if Cats Have Allergies?

Some cat owners may wonder if they can give honey to their cats if they are experiencing allergies.

Your cats may have seasonal allergies or have allergic reactions to something; raw honey has local pollens that help alleviate your cats’ allergies.

They come straight from the beehive, and raw honey contains bee propolis, bee pollen, and many antioxidants.

Its natural antioxidant has its boosting power. Raw honey can be added to your feline diet if you notice red eyes, sneezing, and allergic during spring or fall season.

It is still best to consult your doctor when these symptoms persist.

Remember to purchase raw honey because pasteurized or processed honey destroys the natural remedy and essential vitamins of raw.

Find a local store known for selling pure honey.

Raw honey usually comes from the honeycomb.

The manufacturers usually filter honey to remove impurities.

In contrast, pasteurized honey undergoes a heating process to kill yeast cells to increase the shelf-like and make it look attractive and transparent.

Be meticulous in buying only pure and unprocessed as some grocery stores offer pasteurized honey detrimental to stripping raw honey’s living health benefits.

How Much of Raw Honey Can Cats Consume?

It is important to gauge if there are any allergic reactions to raw honey.

The best way to do this is by trying a half teaspoon of raw honey and see if there is vomiting or diarrhea.

Although honey may not be toxic to cats, they may feel stomach distress when you first introduce it to them, and persistent diarrhea is dangerous to them.

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You should also consider the size of your feline and may increase to one tablespoon for a larger size of cats.

During seasonal allergy, do not prescribe raw honey as their medicine but consult their veterinarian for best results.

Also, do not give an excessive amount of raw honey as it can be dangerous to your cats.

Not all medicinal properties of raw honey which significant to humans apply to your cats.

What Are the Precautionary Measures in Raw Honey?

If you know your cats’ health status and do not have any illness such as diabetes that may need to avoid sweets like raw honey, it may be safe to include it in their feline nutrition.

Remember that that last thing you want for them is to increase their insulin level.

Also, you need to check if the weight of your cats is maintained and not overweight.

You have to be cautious about the calorie intake as one tablespoon of honey already contains 64 calories.

For kittens, raw honey may be harmful to them as it contains botulinum, a neurotoxic protein produced by bacteria. Their immune system is not as strong as adult cats, and raw honey may not be good.

What Are the Views of Veterinarians About Raw Honey?

Veterinarians have different views on raw honey as beneficial to cats’ dietary nutrition.

While others recommend the health benefits to cats and humans, some vets also argue that raw honey may cause harmful effects than benefits.

Cats are varied in sizes and breed, so take into consideration what’s best for your cats.

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If your cats have undiagnosed health issues, raw honey consumption may trigger and upset their medical condition.

But if your cats have no medical problems and safe to consume a small amount of raw honey into their diet, well and good.

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Raw honey can be a sweet treat added to their diet or cure to their allergies, sore throats, etc.

The best is to consult their veterinarians not to have any regrets if anything happens to their health.

Precaution is better than cure!

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