Best Exercise Wheel for Chinchilla

Have you noticed your cute chinchilla pet looking a bit lonely and lacking the energy to play? All it needs is an exercise wheel! But how do you choose the best one for your best buddy? There’s a bunch of wheels out there to choose from. Don’t worry! We’ve got all the information content you need to help you pick the perfect gift to cheer your pet up.

How to choose the best exercise wheels

The first step is getting to know more about your pet. Chinchillas are hyperactive animals. Meaning, there’s a need for activity and a substitute for exploration to keep them fit. Chinchillas need a comfortable runner wheel to play with.

When picking a wheel, try considering the size and weight of your pet. Chinchillas can grow up to 9 inches to 15 inches long and weighs up to 1.1 lbs. to 1.8 lbs. The wheel should match the size of your pet. The bigger the pet, the wider the wheel.

Gender also plays a role. Female chinchillas are more aggressive than male chinchillas. They start jumping and running wild around the cage. A chin sprint is very powerful. If your exercise wheel is not sturdy enough, it might loosen up.

Age is also important. On average chinchillas live up to 10 years. Younger ones are more active than old chinchillas. Soft running exercise wheels are more appropriate for older ones. They can run without getting knocked out of the exercise wheel.

Give it some space

Chinchillas need at least two square feet of cage space. Make sure that the exercise wheel size doesn’t occupy the enclosure. Many pet stores offer a range of cages to fit your needs.

Aesthetics that suits your taste

Choose a design that matches the cage decorations. There’s plenty of options out there. You can choose a color, shape, or design. The best chinchilla wheels are those decorated with extra effort.

It’s a matter of numbers

Having a plastic chinchilla wheel for your pet is not recommended. It won’t hold two or more chinchillas in one cage.

A cost that fits your budget

Can’t afford an expensive exercise wheel? Aiming for plain designs might save you money.

Chinchilla wheels that feel home sweet home

The chinchilla wheel should be comfortable. It should feel familiar. Chinchilla wheels that look suspicious can make them avoid it.

Watch out for precautions

Chinchilla wheels could also be dangerous. Chinchillas can run the speeds of up to 24 km per hour. Their extreme speed can cause foot lesions. Solid chinchilla wheels are great to avoid further injuries. Their feet can get trapped between rungs. A solid metal wheel is better than a plastic wheel.

Choose the appropriate running surface. It’s best to have something that suits the size of your chinchilla pet.

We have listed here the 7 best exercise wheels. It’s packed with information, recommendations and suggestions. You’re in the right place.

Editor’s Top Pick:  Quality Cage Crafters: 15″ Chin Spin Chinchilla Wheel

Quality Cage Crafters: 15″ Chin Spin Chinchilla Wheel

This is a ring-type wheel with a 15″ diameter. The wheels are a combination of metal and wood pieces. It’s a free-standing wheel that weighs 8.5 lbs.

It’s not difficult to attach in most chinchilla cages. If you’re not good at assembling things, this option is for you. The photo illustrated installation instructions are simple to follow.

This 15″ chin spin includes an extra set of ball bearings for future use. Attached to one side is a wooden wall. It’s lighter than the sturdy 15″ chin sprint wheel.

The surface of this chinchilla wheel is 6.25-inch wide. Adult chinchillas have no problem falling off with this one. It also provides more air to pass through for a fresh ride.

Also, this 15” chin sprint-friendly wheel is silent.

Choose your color code

You can choose anything from blue, pink, purple, silver-vein, stardust, or teal. It suits any cage background.


  • Different color options.
  • It’s a wide-open wheel design.
  • The metal ring keeps a safe running surface.
  • High-quality metal and wood features.
  • Quality Cage Crafters is a lightweight running exercise wheel.
  • You can put the wheel inside the cage or remove it.


  • Cost expensive chinchilla wheel.
  • The wooden wall of the wheel is susceptible to bites and can decompose over time.
  • Less sturdiness.
  • The size is huge to fit in small cages.

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Most Innovative: Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner Glow Wheel

Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner Glow Wheel

It’s the most innovative exercise wheel in the market. This chin spin chinchilla wheel has a diameter of 12 inches across and a 3.5″ wide track. The wheel is 13.5″ tall on the stand and weighs 3 pounds. Exotic nutrition wheel manufacturer offers a wheel for smaller chinchillas. It’s also available in exotic nutrition 15” size.

Glows with the flow

Chinchillas are active during dusk and dawn. This glowing exercise wheel fits their nighttime activity. Once they start running on with the chin spin wheel, the sight is spectacular.

Auto clean for your convenience

The wheel tracks allow debris to fall through the holes. It’s easier to brush away crumbs of cookies and feces out from the wheel. Thus, less cage cleaning. And it takes only a minute to assemble this chinchilla wheel.

Safe and secured.

With axle-free construction, it can prevent fur or tail engagements. The front plate of the wheel has bean-shaped openings. The design is for safety. With an exotic nutrition wheel, it’s like hitting two chinchillas with one stone. The sandy tracks provide good running grip and trimming nails. This makes your chinchilla exercise so beneficial. With Exotic Nutrition’s dual ball bearings technology, it whispers in the night.


  • Safe and secured chinchilla wheel.
  • Requires less maintenance.
  • Innovative wheel designs.
  • Ideal chin spin wheel.
  • Wide running surface wheel.
  • Dual ball bearing technology.


  • Plastic can get chewed on.
  • Frontal plastic cover openings are for smaller chinchillas only.
  • The glowing feature might scare chinchillas.
  • The plastic stand of the wheel is easy to break.

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Sturdy Metal Exercise Treadmill 14″ Diameter for Chinchillas

This is a flying saucer exercise wheel. It’s a 14-inch diameter chinchilla wheel made from metal.

It’s recommended for a larger chinchilla or guinea pig. This chinchilla wheel can accommodate more pets. It’s also tough to hold more than one chinchilla.

The solid metal wheel construction can last long. With a metal wheel, your pets won’t bother having to chew on it because it’s completely chew-proof.

Tough and sturdy

It weighs 3 lbs. and has a wheel diameter of 14 inches across. It has a height of 7 inches with a solid metal stand. It won’t loosen up by heavy-duty activities inside the cage. Also, the center axle is not noisy.

Toxic-free materials

The wheel surface finish is a non-toxic powder coating. Equipped with safe coating for your pets to play without getting poisoned. Its construction is to have a wide-open space to breathe in. It’s also free-standing.


  • The wheel is durable enough.
  • Sturdiness is the best.
  • Chew-proof wheel material.
  • Wider diameter for more chinchillas.
  • Non-toxic coating.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Smooth running surface.


  • Takes a lot of space inside a cage.
  • Too heavy for an ideal wheel. It might damage the cage. So it’s better out of the cage instead.

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Seserryy Silent Exercise Hamster Wheel

This fitness wheel is metal-made and has a diameter wheel of 12.6 inches and weighs 2 kilograms. This is suitable for medium and large animals. It has sturdy and silent spins because of the construction of the ball bearings. It also comes with a metal stand and dual ball bearings.

Mesh fresh

With metal in a mesh-like design, the chinchilla runner allows air to pass through. And with the mesh transparency, you can interact with your chins while they’re on the run.


  • It’s chew-proof.
  • It has fine sturdiness.
  • It runs quietly.
  • It has fine quality.
  • The durability is fair enough.
  • The running surface is wide.


  • The size is hard to fit in a cage. Your chins might get crowded inside.
  • It’s a bit hard to assemble.
  • Chinchilla feet can get injured from the mesh.
  • Dirt and fur may pile up.

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Luckycy Hamster Wheel Exercise Toys

This wheel is made from acrylic materials. This type of wheel is transparent and has a diameter of 26 cm and weighs 1.1 pounds. If you’re a chinchilla owner, this is the chin spin for your pet. It’s ideal and stylish. It’s perfect for chinchillas and guinea pigs.


It’s impact resistant. Acrylic glass is shock absorbent and thus a durable material.


It’s available in 3 different size options. Whether you need a small, medium, or large spin wheel for your cage, this solves your problem.


  • The see-through effect is perfect for interactions.
  • You can choose the ideal size you need that fits your cage.
  • Stylish design and fits any cage.
  • Chew proof.


  • Needs proper maintenance.
  • It gives them less privacy and might get shy to step on the chinchilla wheel.
  • Chinchilla food like cookies might stain the glass.

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Kaytee Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel

These chin spin wheels are plastic-made. It’s 12 inches in diameter and weighs 1.8 pounds.

If you’re looking for low-budget chinchilla wheels, this is for you.

Silent in the night

It’s a silent spinning wheel. Kaytee silent spinner is plastic so it won’t have trouble hanging in your cage. The running surface is also light since it’s made of plastic.

Choose the orientation

This silent chinchilla wheel can stand or hang around the cage. Either way, your chinchilla is happy to have one.


  • This silent spinner chin wheel is cheap and affordable.
  • It’s lightweight and portable.
  • It has a wide running surface area track.
  • It has a free-standing orientation.


  • Chinchilla’s teeth are not only for cookies. It can also chew on plastic materials.
  • The center axle is not sturdy enough.
  • It’s not recommended for heavier pet chinchillas.
  • Your chinchilla cage may determine whether you can hang it or not.
  • It needs constant maintenance.

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Keersi Hamster Flying Saucer Wheel

This is like a flying saucer wheel for your chinchilla. It has a diameter of 7 inches and a height of 4.3 inches. It weighs 0.425 lbs. and is easy to carry. If you’re looking for lightweight chinchilla wheels, consider a plastic type. Great for small a size pet chinchilla.

It’s a portable wheel

Chinchilla owners can bring it outside for outdoor activities. It has an open-wide running surface, allowing natural ventilation while running. It can help relieve body overheating.

Non-slipping running surface.

With a non-slip running surface, your pet chins will love it. It provides a safe environment because the wheels have a good gripping surface.


  • It’s perfect for the outdoors and is easy to carry.
  • Not too complicated to assemble and clean.
  • It’s a very affordable product.
  • Soft surface.
  • You can place it in or out of the cage.


  • Plastic surfaces can pose danger when chewed.
  • Non-durable.
  • For smaller pets only.
  • Non-steady base exercise runner.

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Fundamental Guide for Buyers: Things to consider in picking the best chinchilla wheels

Set your criteria to achieve your goal. Picking a chinchilla exercise wheel is not an easy option. So what exactly should you look for when choosing exercise wheels?


Chins need frequent exercise. Are the bearings strong enough to be sturdy despite the overuse of the product?

Safety and Security

The purpose of exercise wheels is to improve the health of your pet chinchilla. Is it safe enough for a small chinchilla to ride on? Gentle enough for pregnant and old chinchillas? Does using it cause potential injury? Is the material toxic for chinchillas? Is it safe for both chinchillas and chinchilla owners? It shouldn’t cause health problems.


Is it easy to assemble or clean? The best chinchilla wheels should be practical. It shouldn’t cause you any hassle. And it should be enjoyable for both you and your pet.


Do your chins enjoy playing with it? Does the benefit of using it show great results? If it does, you got the right chinchilla exercise wheel.


Short of budget but still encouraged to give your chinchilla pet an exercise wheel? Does the price matter? Choose chinchilla wheels that you can afford. There are a lot of cheap items out there with fair quality features.


The wheels are made up of what kind of materials? Is it profitable to use low or high-grade material? Chin spin should be a comfort wheel for chinchilla pets. Also, it should be a silent wheel.


Wheel bearings should keep up with the average speed of Chinchillas. It should be perfect for a chin sprint. Will it be often used by your pet if you were to choose it? Make sure your chins will enjoy it. And the exercise should be worth it.


If you love bringing your pet outdoors, your wheel should be light enough. You should be able to move it anywhere inside the cage. With a portable wheel, you can go play outside with friends.


The design matters in picking an exercise wheel. Make sure the appearance of the wheel doesn’t scare the pet. You can also choose artistic and stylish designs depending on your convenience.


How big is your cage or your pet? How much space do you have? Or how many chinchillas do you own? The size of the chinchilla wheel will base on those factors. Make sure to find those that can provide you an option. You should take note of this if you’re a certified chinchilla owner.


Are you a busy person? Can you clean your chinchilla more often? It’s wise to have a self-cleaning item for less hassle.

How do you know it’s legit and not a scam?

Many people are having trouble ordering online because of a lot of internet scams. The best tip is to look for details.

Check website security

Research about the website before opening. The leftmost side of the links should have a padlock icon and begins with HTTPS://. Always check the security before looking into the content.

Check the product ratings and reviews

Check the ratings. Does it have many negative reviews from consumers on the website? Remember that the best chinchilla wheels always have many positive comments.

Sounds too good to be true?

False advertisements are all over the place. You’ll see chinchilla wheels offering too many features at a very low price. Always check and compare with similar products. Make additional research if you have doubts about the affiliate advertising program.

Research about the manufacturer or seller

Check the manufacturer or the seller’s background. They should be accredited or authorized by the law. Also, check how long have they been operating.


This information only serves as a guide for you. Remember that this is not the only option there is. These are only suggestions that we offer. Deciding the best chinchilla wheel is still up to you. The important thing is that you did your best to surprise your chinchilla buddy.

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