All You Need To Know About Cats Eating Chicken Bones

All You Need To Know About Cats Eating Chicken Bones

Should chicken bones be a part of your cat’s diet?

What can they give to your cat?

How healthy or dangerous is this food for cats?


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Read and learn all the answers!

Why are chicken bones important for cats?

Chicken bones provide cats with minerals they need.

They also come as a fantastic dental exercise and a way to clean teeth.

Bones can even massage your cat’s gums and remove plaque.

Vets always recommend chicken bones before calcium supplements.

After all, food is more nutritious than anything people make in labs. And we know bones are full of calcium and phosphorus!


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Since cats do not drink milk, they can get plenty of calcium this way.

You do not want your cat to be calcium deficient.

It can include stiffness, muscle tremors, increased sensitivity to touch and sound and weakness.

There are even worse problems, like arthritis, coat problems, and broken bones.

Do I need to cook chicken bones for my cat?

Never do this! Cats like them fresh, warm, raw, unseasoned, and free from choking hazards.

Otherwise, they can be harmful to a cat’s stomach. They can cause much intestinal damage.


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Split bones or the ones with slivers can also puncture a cat’s stomach, digestive lining, and esophagus.

If things go wrong, it can even lead to death. Do not forget that cats are carnivores.

Nature made them that way, which means they can handle raw bones.

Here is another idea! Serve your cat chicken wings and necks. These parts are the most edible.

You can even grind them and make powder, but this way, they do not serve as a dental exercise.

Can chicken bones hurt my cat’s teeth?

Cats that are aggressive chewers can chip or fracture their teeth.

Later, an infection can develop.


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If the chicken bones splinter, that can puncture a cat’s gum line.

Are there risks if my cat eats chicken bones?

Bones with marrow can cause diarrhea.

It would help if you scooped it out before your cat starts to eat.

If your cat has a sensitive stomach, this is crucial!

But you also need to consult a vet if your cat is vulnerable when it comes to these things.

Additionally, chicken bones come with some harmful bacteria.


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What can you do about it?

For example, you can keep the bones in the freezer before giving them to your cat.

It is a great solution, and your cat will not mind. Bacteria will stop growing this way.

Can my cat gain weight from chicken bones?


For example, do not give your cat chicken bones with marrow, especially if it has pancreatitis.

That adds calories to a cat’s daily calorie intake. Cats can gain weight this way.

Only active cats can eat it, or the underweight ones.

Since you read the article, now you should have no doubts concerning this topic.

It is up to you to decide whether your cat will eat chicken bones or not.

Please inform us of your decision today by leaving a comment!

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