All That You Need To Know About Feeding Corn To Guinea Gigs

All That You Need To Know About Feeding Corn To Guinea Gigs

Choosing the right type of food for a guinea pig is no easy task.

These animals have specific rules that guide what they can or cannot eat.

They have nutritional needs but are prevented from eating some food types.


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Here we talk about feeding corn and other corn parts to cavy.

Should your pet be fed corn or its husk? Let’s find out!

Do guinea pigs eat corn?

Piggies are not usually interested in eating the corn grain itself.

However, they can eat it, and it will not cause harm.

The husk and silk of corn are the tastiest parts to your furry friend.

If you give some corn to your piggy, it’s likely to eat only these parts. They like it better than the corn kernels.

Avoid feeding your cavy canned sweet corn as an alternative. Your furry friend cannot digest these types of meals.

It is cooked and should not be fed to your pet. Piggies have sensitive stomachs, and feeding cooked ingredients can be harmful.


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This type of corn also contains more salt than the usual corn found on the cob. Excess salt is terrible for your cavy’s health.

Give your furry friend corn directly from the cob. It will make a perfect treat. However, do not feed raw corn to your cavy daily.

Should you feed your cavy corn husk, cob, or silk?

As said earlier, your pet loves this part of a corn best.

For a better experience, feed the husk closest to the cob.

Unlike the outer husks, it is not likely to be exposed to pesticides or harmful chemicals.

Your pet will most probably enjoy chewing on the husk.

Corn husks, unlike corn kernels, can be fed to your furry friend daily.


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As for the cob, your pet is not likely to show any interest. If it does, only allow your cavy to chew on it once in a while.

However, asides from this, your cavy does not get any benefits from it, including nutritionally.

Why does your pet prefer the husk?

Your cavy finds this part of corn the sweetest. It also has it’s own benefits.

The husk feels like hay or grass and is also nutritious, just like hay. Guinea pigs love the texture and can chew on it too.

It is also highly fibrous, which makes it suitable for your pet.

This is why corn husk can be fed to your furry pet daily, unlike kernels, which should only be given only once in a while.

Corn husks are safer than corn grains. They do not cause harm to your pet if fed the right way.

Can you feed your guinea pig corn flakes?

You can give your furry friend some corn flakes.

However, since they are starchy too, they should not be fed too often.

Do not serve your guinea pig cornflakes with milk. Cavies are lactose intolerant.

Milk or other milk-related products will work up their digestive system.

Please keep your pet safe and don’t feed it dairy-based products.

While your pet wouldn’t mind having some corn chips and tortillas, they should be kept away.

Remember that your guinea pig has a sensitive tummy. Snacks like these usually have a lot of salt and flour in them.

They are bad for your pet and should be avoided.

Are there other things your pet can use corn for?

Corn husks feel like hay and can serve as chew toy substitutes.

What makes it better is the fact that your pet loves these husks.


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Biting on the hulls can also prevent your cavy’s teeth from growing too long.

This way, husks are just like hay. Feed it to them every day.

With kernels, however, you need to be careful.

The amount of starch present in these grains is high. It is terrible for your pet’s health.

Generally, cavies are usually unable to break down large quantities of starch.

Guinea pig owners who feed their cavy with kernels have reported that their pets have a hard time digesting it.

Others have found bladder stones in their cavy’s tummy.


Guinea pigs can eat corn, but there are a lot of things to consider.

Your pet might pay more attention to the husk and silk and not the corn itself.

If your cavy likes corn, take care because of the starch content. Excess amounts will be harmful to your pet.


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So, you can only feed it to your piggy once or twice a week.

On the other hand, husks can be provided to your guinea pig with no restrictions.

Do you have other pets? Are you concerned about feeding the right thing?

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