A Newbies Guide To Feeding Piggies Brightly Colored Carrots

A Newbies Guide To Feeding Piggies Brightly Colored Carrots

Thought about changing up your guinea pig’s diet a little?

Did carrots ever come to mind?

People seem to love them, and rabbits do too.

However, there are some do’s and don’ts when feeding these furry pets.


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Here, we learn about this nutritious, orange-colored root vegetable.

Still curious about guinea pigs and carrots and if they go well together? Keep reading!

Do Carrots and guinea pigs go well together?

Your pet loves eating, and its favorite food is hay. Hay is very nutritious and healthy.

However, nothing should stop you from giving your cavy some carrots.

There’s a bit of a debate on whether piggies can be fed these bright-colored vegetables.

Yes, cavies can eat carrots and enjoy them once in a while.

They are very healthy and beneficial to your furry friend’s body.


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They are rich in minerals and nutrients like beta-carotene too.

Before you begin to feed your guinea pig some of this vegetable, here’s all that you need to know.

How rich in nutrients are carrots?

Carrots are quite rich in nutrients.

A cup of raw carrots is made up of nutrients such as:

1. Vitamin A(113%), Vitamin K(18%), Vitamin C(10%), Vitamin B1(17%), Vitamin B2(5%), Vitamin B3(8%), Vitamin B6(10%), Vitamin E(5%)


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2. Folate (6%), Fiber (14%), Biotin (20%), Potassium (11%), Manganese (9%), Copper (6%), and Phosphorus (6%).

How does your cavy react to carrots?

As said earlier, carrots are nutritious and contain quite a lot of vitamins. Your pet will most probably love carrots.

Also, if given a chance, they would even eat it all day, just like hay.


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However, your pet’s tummy is quite sensitive. A guinea pig’s digestive system can get worked up easily.

Large quantities of vitamins can affect your guinea pig too.

This is why you have to be cautious about what you feed your furry friend.

While carrots are rich in vitamins, they contain only about 10% vitamin C.

Although vitamin C is beneficial, this amount is too small to affect your furry friend’s health significantly.

These root vegetables are also sweet and contain lots of sugar.

Too much of this can be harmful to your pet.

Remember that your piggy’s tummy is quite sensitive and can get worked up in fed the wrong things.

There are also other problems associated with high sugar content.

If you provide carrots to your cavy daily, your pet can become diabetic.

Always wash vegetables well before giving them to your guinea pig.

Feed your piggy carrot with the skin on, only when it is thoroughly cleaned.

One mid-sized baby carrot would be enough for a day. It should also be given only in small sizes.

Cut the carrots into small pieces before feeding your cavy. This way, your guinea pig is less likely to choke.

It also becomes much more comfortable for your pet to digest.

Can guinea pigs drink carrot juice?

That would not be a good idea.

There a handful of reasons why carrot juice would be nasty for your piggy.

It is sweet and contains a lot of sugar. Giving your pet some of this juice makes it vulnerable to excess sugar.

Your cavy’s digestive system is also likely to get worked up by it.

As a result of its extra sugar, your furry friend can develop diabetes too.

Carrot cakes should also be treated the same way. They are not advisable for your guinea pig.

Not only do they have lots of sugar in them, but they also don’t have many benefits for your pet.

Your furry friend cannot get the required amount of vitamins and minerals from these cakes.

Do not make the mistake of adding these carrot-based cakes to your piggy’s diet.

Can you feed your pet cooked carrots?

Guinea pigs don’t digest cooked food well. They usually have a hard time breaking down these types of meals.

Cooked food can cause a lot of harm to your guinea pig, so don’t feed them to your furry friend.

If you want to provide your cavy some carrots, feed them raw.

Should you feed your cavy carrot tops?

These are okay for your pet to enjoy.

Carrot tops would make a great addition to your guinea pig’s diet. Give these to your cavy with no fear.

Carrots are an excellent choice of food for your guinea pig if you feed them the right way. Yes, your pet can eat them.

However, you have to remember to feed these vegetables raw and in small quantities.

Too many carrots would be bad for your pet. Try cutting carrots up in rounded slices or thin strips before feeding them to your piggy.


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One mid-sized baby carrot is enough for one guinea pig.

Let your furry friend get used to carrots in its own time, so feed it gradually.

Also, check to see if your cavy responds well to it. Do this by observing your guinea pig.

If your cavy does not react or behave weirdly after being fed carrots, you can add it to its diet.

Do you have other pets?

Are you worried about feeding the right thing?

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