A Newbies Guide To Feeding Hamsters Mangoes

A Newbies Guide To Feeding Hamsters Mangoes

People love mangoes for their sweet taste and texture.

This fruit is also a great source of vitamins.

You may have thought about introducing new foods to your hamster’s diet.


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Are mangoes right for your pet?

Here, we review the essentials, so keep reading!

What are the essential things to note?

Mangoes are useful for a wide variety of purposes.

It is an essential ingredient in lots of dishes.

This fruit can be pickled and used to make chutneys.

They can also be served as snacks when eaten in raw form.

They make tasty desserts, too.

Hamsters need to be able to explore varieties of foods.


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These include other meals aside from natural fruits and vegetables.

Your furry friend will get more vitamin-rich content from other ingredients this way.

What is the nutrient content of mangoes?

Mangoes can be sourced from most places worldwide.

100grams of this fruit contains 60kcal. This level of calories is less than the amount present in apple.

They also contain lots of vitamin C as well as folate.

Other nutrients are present in this fruit in small amounts, and they might not have much effect on humans.

However, hamsters are small-sized. So, these nutrients are more useful for them.

Substances like calcium, phosphorus, and sodium can be a source of worry.

The sugar content of mangoes can be a source of concern too.


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Excess sugar is dangerous

for your furry friend. So, you should avoid giving your hamster too many mangoes.

How are mangoes served?

Wash fruits thoroughly before feeding them to your pet.

Before serving your pet, peel this fruit first. Then, cut it along the edges, lengthwise.

After, cut the mangoes into cube-shaped bits.

You can then remove all the parts that your furry friend will ignore.

Avoid giving these parts to your pet. If you aren’t feeding them to your hamster later, trash them.

Fruits go rancid quickly, and they can cause your hamster tummy ache.

How do species of hamsters respond to mangoes?

Hamsters react differently due to their species type.

Small-sized hamsters can get even more sugar in this fruit.

Most of these furry pets can eat mangoes. However, the difference lies in the amount or quantity that they can have.

Winter white, Campbell, and Chinese hamsters are sensitive to sugar.

They are quite prone to developing diabetes, too exercise caution with these species when feeding any foods.


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Also, reduce the number of mangoes that they eat. To keep them safe, supply them with only one teaspoon weekly.

Syrian and Roborovski hamsters have tiny paws. You can feed them with mangoes occasionally.

However, cut this fruit into sizes that will be small enough. These will be much easier for them to hold.

Mangoes would make a tasty treat for hamsters. Give them to your furry friend occasionally.

They should also be served only in small quantities. This fruit is a rich source of beneficial vitamin C.

However, it has lots of sugar in it, which can harm your hamster.


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