A Newbie’s Guide To Feeding Guinea Pigs Grass

A Newbie’s Guide To Feeding Guinea Pigs Grass

If you have a cavy as a pet, you probably know that its diet should contain lots of hay.

However, have you ever thought about feeding grass?

A lot of pets survive mainly on grass.

Can Piggies too? Here, we learn about feeding grass to guinea pigs.

Still curious? Grab a chair, and let’s explore!


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What are the things that you should know?

Guinea pigs can eat grass.

It is an excellent food for them, and they might even love and enjoy it too.

Their rough texture is one of the reasons why they are a great addition to your piggy’s diet.

Your furry friend loves having something to chew and bite on. It would also help your pet with teeth development.

As a cavy owner, you must know the right foods for your pet. An ideal piggy diet should contain lots of hay and pellets rich in vitamin c.

Clean water must be available too, and it should be served fresh and replaced daily.

How much grass should you feed your cavy?

Guinea pigs consider it a delicacy, and it is also rich in nutrients.

However, make sure to check that the grass you’re feeding is free from pesticides or chemicals.

These are poisonous and can cause harm to your pet.

You may wonder if this should be given in small quantities. Well, your furry friend can be fed lots of grass.

Hay and grass should make up about 80% of your guinea pig’s diet.

Giving your pet lots of grass will not harm it. So, supply as much as you can in generous amounts.


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What are the things to note?

As a cavy owner, you should know that your pet is sensitive.

Rich spring grass can cause your piggy’s digestive system to be worked up.

This is why it is advisable to introduce grass to your pet gradually, especially after winter.

If you want to add some grass to cavy’s diet, feed your furry friend in small portions first.

Then, try to notice how your pet responds to it.

If you don’t notice anything off, you can then begin to increase this amount a bit every week. These steps will give excellent results.


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Can you grow your grass?

Yes, growing your grass would be a great idea.

This way, you know that what you are feeding is completely natural.

Also, you are sure that it is also chemical or pesticide-free.

Select a small corner in your yard where you can grow different grasses. You may even grow them in pots too.

You can plant either cat or wheatgrass. These are both great options for your pet piggy.

Wheatgrass is a better alternative, though, as it is healthier.

Do not stress if you don’t have enough space or time to grow your grass.

Buy fresh, pesticide-free greens from specialized stores.


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What are other ways to serve your piggy grass?

Pet cavies can eat grass with other plants.

Give your furry friend grass along with dandelions as well as clover.

Experiment with these to know what your guinea pig likes.

Wet grass can also be given to your piggy as long as your cavy does not get wet.

Do not make the mistake of feeding damp, moldy grass.

These are poisonous and can cause harm to your piggy.

Hay should be the number one food in your guinea pig’s life; grass can come in second.

Never replace ingredients like timothy hay with grass in your cavy’s diet.

What should you take note of when feeding grass?

Generally, you should be careful while giving your cavy any new foods.

Do not feed grass that is close to busy roads. These are likely to be polluted by car and other vehicle-related fumes.

Grass that has had contact with chemicals should be avoided as well.

These include both pesticides and herbicides, which are poisonous and harmful for your pet.

If you notice mildew, mold, or fungus, don’t feed it too. These are not good for your pet and may have a terrible effect.

Avoid grasses that other animals regularly poo on. The feces of such animals, like cats and dogs, can spread parasites.

Do not feed your furry friend too much fresh grass if your cavy isn’t used to it. Remember that your furry friend has a sensitive tummy.

Its digestive system may also get worked up if fed the wrong foods. So, give your piggy fresh grass in bits first to see how it responds.

Ensure that your guinea pig is free from ticks or fleas that may be gotten from grassy areas.

Also, you don’t want your furry friend to get lost. So, do not let it loose and keep your piggy in a secure area.


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Cavies can eat grass and even thrive well on it. You can feed grass as one of the main parts of your piggy’s diet.

There are no side effects. It can be given to your furry friend daily. However, remember to follow the rules.

These will ensure that your pet piggy is safe.

Do you feed your guinea pig with grass?

Think there’s something that anything we should know?

Great! Drop a comment below!

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