A Newbies Guide To Feeding Guinea Pigs Cantaloupes

A Newbies Guide To Feeding Guinea Pigs Cantaloupes

As a cavy owner, you may have thought about adding varieties to your pet’s diet.

Would sweet and juicy cantaloupe’s be a great option?

It’s not all fruits and veggies that your guinea pig can eat.

Cantaloupes are nutritious, but can they be fed to your pet?

Grab a chair, and let’s explore if you’re curious!


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What are the things that you should know?

Guinea pigs are allowed to have some fruits and vegetables.

However, because these usually contain lots of sugar, they are better for your piggy when given as treats or snacks.

Snacks are generally served in small amounts and supplement your pet’s main diet.

Cantaloupes are very rich in vitamin C. These, amongst other reasons, is why they would be a great addition to your piggies diet.

Also, your cute little cavy cannot produce its vitamin C. Your guinea pig’s body requires this vitamin.

So, it would need to get it from what it eats.


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What is the nutrient content of cantaloupes?

Cantaloupe is juicy and rich in a lot of nutrients.

These nutrients have positive effects on your furry friend’s health.

Having the required amount of vitamin C helps your cavy with fighting diseases and infections.

Also, your pet would not suffer from scurvy. Scurvy is common with piggies that lack the required amount of vitamin C.

Overall, vitamin C supports the maintenance of your furry friend’s health.


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A cup of fresh cantaloupe cubes contains 78% of this vitamin.

Asides from vitamin C, this juicy fruit is an excellent source of potent substances.

These include antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.

The phytonutrients in cantaloupes have positive effects on different parts of your piggy’s body.

There is evidence that these phytonutrients increase your pet’s body’s ability to protect itself.

They prevent oxidative stress from having terrible effects on your furry friend.

They also prevent inflammatory infections and severe damage to your pet’s health.


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Can piggies eat cantaloupes?

Yes, your piggy can be fed cantaloupes. Your pet would love to chew on it.

This juicy fruit is rich in some of the nutrients that your furry friend requires.

However, you have to feed cantaloupes to your piggy, fresh and in small quantities. A couple of cubes would be enough for one cavy.

Make sure that you follow this rule. This is because cantaloupes contain quite a lot of sugar.

Sugar is toxic to your piggy when fed in excess.

As much as you’d like to spoil your pet, never go higher than providing this juicy fruit twice a week.

Can you feed your cavy with cantaloupe seeds?

Cantaloupes would make a great addition to your cavy’s diet. However, its seeds would not.

Ensure that the seeds of this fruit are removed first before feeding your pet.

Piggies are small sensitive creatures. They also have little throats and digestive tracts.

These seeds would be bad for your guinea pig.


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Can you feed your piggy with cantaloupe skin?

The skin, rind, or outer cover of this fruit is not ideal for your guinea pig.

Feeding it to your pet can lead to diarrhea and tummy upset.

Remember that your cavy has a sensitive digestive system that may get worked up easily.

Why should you feed this fruit in small quantities?

Cantaloupes, just like most fruits and vegetables, have lots of sugar in them.

Your piggy is healthier when fed small amounts of sugar.

It is why they should not be provided often and in large sizes.

Cantaloupes would do better as treats.

Letting your piggy have too much of this fruit can also cause diseases like obesity and diabetes.

While cantaloupes contain lots of sugar, they are a great source of water.

It is good to keep your furry friend hydrated with fresh water. However, giving your cavy too much water will affect it negatively.

This includes water that is found in fruits. Your guinea pig’s digestive system will have a hard time keeping up.

It may also cause your furry friend to vomit and be diarrheic.

In what way do you give your cavy cantaloupes?

If you want to give your furry friend this juicy fruit as a treat, make sure it is served fresh.

Also, ensure that the cantaloupe is at room temperature. Cold cantaloupes will only cause diarrhea.

Remember to remove the outer cover and seeds of this fruit before giving your piggy some.

Give your piggy, small sizes of this fruit at first. It will also prevent waste.

This way, you wouldn’t have some of the cantaloupes stuck in your piggy’s cage uneaten. It might happen if your piggy does not like this fruit.

Now, you know why cantaloupes would be good food for your pet. Remember to avoid giving your pet its outer cover or seeds.

Peel these first. Also, be careful when feeding your pet new ingredients or foods.

If you notice any weird responses or behaviors, stop giving this food to your cavy and see your vet.

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