A Horse - How Much Does It Cost?

A Horse – How Much Does It Cost?

It is no secret that owning a pet can get quite expensive.

From buying proper food to medical expenses, it can add a lot to your budget.

What about a horse?

Not only are they bigger but also have many different needs than other animals.

So, you might be wondering, can you afford to own a horse?


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How Costly Is It To Buy a Horse?

While you can get a horse for free, they may usually be old, sick, or have behavioural issues.

A healthy horse with little to no training costs about $500 – $1000.

Trained horses can cost from $2000 to $5000.

Premium breeds of horses, used for competitive races, can cost up to $10,000.


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What Is The Living Cost of a Horse?

This initial cost is only a fraction compared to the cost of keeping the horse.

The maintenance costs pretty much remain the same regardless of the breed.

It depends primarily on the quality of maintenance you wish to provide.

It includes factors like hay price, fodder, bedding, stable cost, etc.

To that, add medical costs such as required vaccinations, dental care, sickness, or injuries.

You may have started to see the rough picture of the expenditures.


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What is the Minimum Cost To Keep a Horse?

It’s not simple to tell accurately how much cost is involved in horse care.

A lot of variables decide the total expenditures.

Still, I will try my best to provide you with the minimum overall cost of horse care.

The prices below are based on the assumption that you have a property to keep the horse.

I am also neglecting taxes and insurance costs for the sake of simplicity.

Whether you rent or purchase, equine properties are very expensive.

So, make sure you are financially ready before you buy a horse.

How Much Is The Feeding Cost?

Hay cost varies from $3-$10, based on your location.

Also, naturally, some horses may eat more than others.

Salt block costs around $10-$14 and lasts around two months.

The monthly price of mineral supplements is approximately $5 while concentrate costs about $30.


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What About The Maintenance Cost?

Depending on your horse’s routine, a farrier can cost from $18 to $35 per month.

The annual cost of dental care can be around $125.

Routine vaccinations can cost as much as $95 for rabies, tetanus, etc.

Adding up all these costs, I think it is justifiable to say that the annual cost of keeping a horse can reach around $2000.

Keep in mind that this is just the minimum amount.

The real cost can very well exceed this value.

What Else To Consider?

Opting for high-quality food and supplements can further increase your expenditures.

One should also keep in mind the possibility of an unforeseen crisis.

An injury or sickness can increase the expense significantly.

Also, if you don’t own a property, boarding prices for horses can be from $100 to $1000 monthly.


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The motive of this article was not to discourage you.

The intent is to inform you of the possible expenses involved with keeping a horse.

So, you can make your mind before buying a horse.

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