A Hamster Lover's Guide To Feeding Raspberries

A Hamster Lover’s Guide To Feeding Raspberries

Hamsters are omnivorous animals. They can consume different ingredients.

You may have been giving your pet store-bought treats.

However, your hamster is open to fruits and vegetables too.

Would hamsters find raspberries the right choice?

Here, we provide details on everything you need to know.


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What are the essential things to note?

Raspberries are sold in supermarkets worldwide.

They go through different processing methods and form new things.

These include the dried version of these berries, purees, and juices.

Raspberries usually grow during the summertime.

However, with the advent of new technology, they are present all year round.

Your hamster loves nuts, grains, and seeds. Also, because they are omnivores, you can feed them with various ingredients.

Fruits and vegetables are nutritious and rich in vitamins. In the right quantities, they are a good option.


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What nutrients are in raspberries?

Lots of vitamins are contained in fresh fruits.

They have vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, C, E, and K present.

These berries also contain minerals like calcium, iron, phosphorus, and zinc.

Others include magnesium, manganese, and potassium.

100grams of raspberries contains about 53kcal and 4.42grams of sugar. This quantity will have about 11.94g of carbohydrates too.

The fat content is usually quite low. It contains 0.65g of fat and 6.5grams of dietary fiber.

Hamsters have sensitive tummies. They will react to the acid and excess sugar in raspberries even when they need the nutrients in it.

However, your furry friend can’t afford to take too many. If your pet gorges on raspberries, it will cause it harm.

It is why citrus fruits are not safe for hamsters. You can feed raspberries in small amounts.

One tablespoon full daily is the recommended quantity.


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How do different breeds react to raspberries?

Hamsters of different breeds exist.

These animals need different types of nutrients and have diverse health requirements.

So, it makes sense that they will react differently to eating raspberries. Feed your Syrian hamster only one or two small pieces.

Excess raspberry is harmful to their health.

They will react to the high sugar level and acidity, so raspberry is not ideal for your Chinese hamster.

Don’t feed this fruit to your pet because they can’t tolerate the sugar.

Treat the Russian Campbell Dwarf hamster and the Winter White Dwarf similarly.

Sugar is dangerous for these hamster breeds. Roborovski hamsters are small.

However, you can feed them one or two pieces occasionally. Give them sizes that their tiny paws can hold.

You can feed different hamster breeds with raspberries. However, do not feed them more than a tablespoon.


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Never exceed this amount in a single meal for other fruits too. Wash fruits thoroughly before feeding them to your pet.

The skin can contain substances that are harmful to your hamster. Make sure that additives are not present in them too.

Lots of vitamins are present in raspberries.

You can give these berries to hamsters.

However, feed them to your pet occasionally, and only in small quantities.


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