A guide to exercising with your dog

Staying fit and living a healthy life is not only important for you but also for your dog.

Dogs need a way to release their energy and exhaust themselves.

Exercising helps dogs release pent-up energy inside them.

This, in return, keeps them healthy and improves their immune system.

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Exercising with your dog can be a fun way for you two to spend time together.

It helps develop your leadership skills and create a stronger understanding between you and your dog.

But before you begin exercising with him/her, there are a couple of things you need to know:

Before you exercise your dog, you need to consider the breed.

There are different requirements or guidelines for different breeds of dogs.

Furry dogs can’t go for long walks. This is because dogs sweat as we do, and they release heat by panting or breathing heavily.

Long fur can prevent heat from escaping the body quickly, resulting in a heat stroke.

There is a way around it, though!

Trim your dog’s fur during summertime.

You can do this yourself with an electric trimmer or take her to a grooming salon.

Dogs with short noses are also prone to having breathing difficulty.

So you need to limit their exercise to prevent a heat stroke or suffocation.

Summertime is tricky for dog owners. Asphalt and pavements get hot in the scorching sun.

Now, you may not notice this with your joggers on, but your canine sure can.

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Make sure to get 2 pairs of protective boots from any nearby pet store.

Exercises you can do with your dog

Nothing beats a good old jog around the park, followed by a dip in the pool.

However, you need to take some precautionary steps beforehand.

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Train your dog to walk on a leash before you go out for jogging.

This is because untrained dogs will constantly keep pulling you off the track.

The following three steps to dog leash training will help you:
• Take her/him out on a body leash for a walk around the house at first.
• Allow her/him to get accustomed to having the harness on. It should be YOU giving her/him directions, not the other way around
• Give her/him slack, so she doesn’t pull on the leash. Guide her/him onto the pavement whenever she starts going here and there.

Once your dog is leash trained, you can try going out on hikes or jogging in the park.

For swimming, use life jackets, especially if your dog doesn’t know how to swim.

Dock diving is another fun way for you to exercise your dog.

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Dock diving is when dogs jump over platforms to catch flying objects.

You can use Frisbees or boomerangs and park benches for the purpose.

Nose work is an excellent way to train your dog’s sense of smell.

Dogs love to dig around to find objects. So you can hide your dog’s favorite toy in different places for him/her to find.

You can also hide treats and snacks in different corners of your house.

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Dogs love to play, and they enjoy your company just as much as you enjoy theirs.

Exercise with your dog regularly for a healthy life for both of you.

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