A Cat Purr: Their Secret Healing Powers

If you own a cat, you will be familiar with the sound of purring.

Everyone loves this sound.

But did you know that cats have a secret superpower?

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Their purrs can benefit your health. Read this post to learn more.

How does my cat purr?

Have you ever heard another animal purr?

No. That’s one of the things that makes cats unique.

Your cat purrs when they’re happy.

This could be when they’re eating or playing.

Usually, it’s when you’re giving them loads of cuddles and attention!

But how do cats purr anyway?

A cat’s purr revolves around a natural oscillator inside the cat’s brain.

The larynx and the laryngeal muscles produce that specific sound.

These muscles open and close the space between the cat’s vocal cords. This happens in rapid cycles.

When a cat uses those muscles, they vibrate.

This makes the air around these muscles vibrate and produces that purring sound.

These vibrations can have a frequency range of 20 to 140 Hz.

Pretty amazing, right? But who knew that noise could benefit your health too?

No wonder cats are so smug all the time. Read more about how your cat makes you healthier.

Can owning a cat lower my stress and anxiety?

After a stressful day, there’s nothing better than your cat purring on your chest.

Having your little friend’s comfort will make you feel better.

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It’s no surprise that sound has a relaxing effect on us.

When hearing that sound, your stress reduces.

No wonder cat owners are more relaxed!

Can my cat help with broken bones?

Medical studies have shown that a cat’s purr can assist with healing our bones.

The frequency needs tone at 25 Hz to 50 Hz.

Scientists have found this kind of frequency assists with bone regeneration.

So when you’ve broken a bone, make sure you recover with your cat around!

Both cats and humans benefit from a cat’s purrs.

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Scientists have observed that cats with broken bones take less time to heal than other animals.

Why? Well, only cats purr…

Can having a cat help prevent heart attacks?

Answer: yes.

A recent study has suggested cat owners are 40% less likely to have a heart attack.

This might be more than your cat purring.

By simply owning a cat, your health can hugely improve.

But who can deny that a cat’s purr makes us all feel better?

Are there any other health benefits of owning a cat?

Bones and hearts aren’t the only things that your cat can heal.

There’s evidence they can heal soft tissue, ligaments, tendons, and muscle injuries.

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Owning a cat has also been found to have benefits for people with infections or swellings.

So my cat’s purr can heal everything?

Well, we don’t exactly know.

Yes, there are links cats reduce stress and heal injuries and infections.

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But further evidence is needed to determine how powerful a cat’s purr is.

Meanwhile, find your cat and have a cuddle.

There’s no downside to a cat’s purr!

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